The Best IoT Certifications for Beginners

Willing to learn more about IoT and don’t know where to start? Well, people who are from the IT industry too have this question, let alone people who are not. This article will tell you about the best IoT certification courses for beginners.

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  • Introduction
  • How Does IoT Work?
  • Benefits of IoT



It’ no surprise that IoT is booming and will continue to do so in the coming years. It is supposed to create a giant web of interconnected electrical, electronic, and mechanical devices. Smart devices like fans, TVs, speakers, bulbs, ACs, and the like. These smart devices are also creating jobs for people having essential skills.


Before moving onto the best IoT certifications for beginners, let’s try to know more about IoT.

How Does IoT Work?

Typically, the devices over the network have sensors and software that collect the data and share it with other devices over the internet. A simple example would be that a smart AC can send the data to the OEM about its last service. If the AC was last serviced more than a year ago, the OEM can offer relevant deals and discounts to the individual.

Benefits of IoT

Since IoT creates a network of all the devices over the internet, we can easily say that it creates a virtual world (of our physical world) over the internet. The devices in this virtual world will e interconnected and result in automation in almost every field. It will also mean that human intervention will decrease, increasing the efficiency of these devices. Benefits offered by IoT are:


  • Better Customer Experience – Automation leads to better customer experience. For example – if the AC of a car is not working, the sensor in the car can send this information to the service station and the service station can start working on the solution before the car reaches there.



  • Technical Optimization – Data from IoT devices is of huge benefit. For example, data from multiple cars can help the OEM identifying the major faults in vehicles and improve accordingly.



  • Better Decision Making – Data from IoT devices is in real-time. This ensures better decision making as the faults are identified instantly and rectified before causing serious problems.


Best IoT Certifications for Beginners


1. Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT) by Curtin University (edX) 

We are living in the digital age and thankfully we are the generation witnessing this extraordinary change. So, if you wish to be at the forefront of revolutionizing technologies, this program from Curtin University might be useful.


Understand all the basic concepts of this technology, design solutions, and use them in the area of your interest. You’ll also get to know about the architecture of networks, devices, data, and security.


Learners will also participate in discussions with lecturers, have access to Cisco Network Academy resources, and access laboratory equipment remotely.


Key USPs

  • Clear guidance from lecturers
  • Get to know about IoT from the basics
  • Learn the vulnerabilities of IoT devices
  • Solve assignments regularly to revise the gained knowledge. 

2. Certified Internet of Things (IoT) Expert by Global Tech Council 

IoT will directly impact the way we live in the coming years. Crafted by IoT experts, this certification is for beginners in the field of IoT. People who wish to know about IoT and build a rewarding career without going deep into the technicalities should opt for this IoT training course. It also enables individuals to validate their expertise in the field of IoT.


Key USPs

  • A course designed by experts especially for beginners. 
  • Exposes the learner to the fundamentals as well as advanced concepts of IoT.
  • Learn about the key technologies involved and their applications. 

3. IoT Networks and Protocols by Curtin University (edX) 

As the demand for smart devices is increasing rapidly, the need for talented professionals in the sphere is also on a rise. It is the best time IT professionals to know about this new technology and become an internet of things expert.


This course will tell the learners about the working of IoT, networks, connection types, and protocols.


Key USPs

  • Focus on the fundamentals before moving on to the advanced concepts
  • Learn about different network systems and infrastructure components
  • Learn to design your IoT network



We assume that this article was able to tell you the basics of IoT, it’s working and benefits, and the best IoT courses for beginners available in the market. Think we missed something? Please mention in the comments below.