Top AI Certification Programs in 2022

Artificial intelligence opens a more fantastic world of technology. It gives intelligence and thinking power to machines. Artificial intelligence experts expect that AI will drive the future. Artificial intelligence certification is the favorite among tech students. Ai developers develop efficient appliances which can simplify hard work. And this is why people are totally into ai. People want automation everywhere. And AI certification can give one proper skill to be an AI developer. Here we discuss the top artificial intelligence certification programs in 2022. So that students can choose the best AI certification.

Top ai certification programs in 2022

Every Student needs a Perfect and well-polished course for better learning, whether they are fresher or professional. All the lessons here are from the best organizations. These are,

IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate

This course will help one to launch a great career as an AI engineer. It teaches how to provide business insights from big data using machine learning and deep learning techniques.

One will master the fundamental concepts of machine learning and deep learning. It includes supervised and unsupervised learning, using programming languages like Python. One will also learn to apply popular machine learning and deep learning libraries. For example, SciPy, Scikit Learn, Keras, PyTorch, and Tensorflow. It also teaches text analytics, NLP, recommender systems, and other types of classifiers. This 6-course Professional Certificate is appropriately designed to equip you with the tools that are highly needed to succeed in a career as an AI or ML engineer. This course is supposed to be the priority of anyone if one wants to build a career in AI.

Reason to choose the course:

1. The professional course is purely designed by a panel of top IBM experts in the field. So one will get the best professional guide in ai certification.

2. It gives a proper understanding of machine learning algorithms. It includes classification, regression, clustering, and dimensional reduction.

3. It teaches to deploy machine learning algorithms and pipelines on Apache Spark. And this is a great reason to choose this course.

4. Explain foundational TensorFlow concepts like main functions, operations & execution pipelines

5. It teaches one how to determine what kind of deep learning method to use in which situation. And it also teaches us to build a deep learning model to solve a real-life problem.

6. It teaches one to build, train, and deploy different types of deep architectures. All these projects can help one a lot to make a strong resume.

7. It demonstrates the ability to present and communicate with outcomes of deep learning projects.

8. The best feature to choose IBM is that it offers the option to audit all courses at no charge. So one can adequately decide which course can be more beneficial to them. 

9. One can get a verified certificate from IBM after completion of the course. And the certification has an excellent value for getting a job. 

IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate

This program will provide you with a firm comprehension of AI innovation, applications, and utilization cases. You will get comfortable with ideas and devices like AI, information science, and standard language handling. It also gives ideas about picture handling, IBM Watson AI administrations, OpenCV, and APIs. Even if you are a fresher,  with this Professional Certificate, you will master reasonable Python abilities. One can learn to configure, fabricate, and convey AI applications on the web. The courses will likewise empower you to apply pre-assembled AI smarts to your items and arrangements.

Reason to choose the course:

1. If you are fresher or have no programming knowledge, this course is specifically built for you.

2. This course is very beneficial for those who want to become builders and developers of AI solutions.

3. It teaches the skills to create AI-powered applications and AI-powered chatbots.

4. It teaches computer vision and its applications.

Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in Python

This is an udemy course on AI. It gives a good idea about Reinforcement Learning. And it is an entirely different paradigm in AI and Machine Learning. It has given us significant bits of knowledge both in social brain research and neuroscience. And is the nearest thing we have so far too simple general AI reasoning. This course is one of the most impressive AI courses out there on Reinforcement Learning. It gives students an introduction to AI-based support learning. And provide knowledge on stock exchanging and web-based promoting. It offers bits of knowledge into AI strategies that one could never see in conventional directed AI, unaided AI, or even profound learning.

Reason to choose the course

1. It is the best Python-based AI reinforcement learning course. So if anyone wants to learn reinforcement, this course is the best choice.

2. It teaches the relationship between reinforcement learning and psychology easily.

3. It teaches 17 different reinforcement learning algorithms.

4. Provide best exercises and assignments for hands-on practice.


The discussed courses can make one a Complete AI Engineer within 3 to 4 months. And currently, these are the best AI certification courses available in the market. But before enrolling in any AI certification course, one needs to go through more than one course. It gives a clear idea about which one is the best suited for you. This is the best time to have artificial intelligence certification and be an AI developer.

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