Big Data role in powering the Internet of Things (IoT) Revolution

Big data and IoT are two widespread technologies that have high-value applications in various industries. Big data enables professionals to extract insights from a huge pool of data, and IoT streamlines the quick sharing of timely data across networks and devices. As per the Internet of Things expert, big data plays a crucial role in the enhancement of IoT.

So, in this article, we will be exploring how big data has been empowering IoT technology. Aside from this, it will also look into the job market for people with IoT training and big data certification. So let us begin with the topic here: 

Describe the Internet of Things

According to the Internet of Things expert, it is part of the third generation of the internet. It includes a wide network of physical devices/objects that one can remotely access via an internet connection. It could include a number of objects from smart vehicles to dishwashers. Here, all the devices in the network consist of technology that allows them to communicate with one another, as well as the external environment. One of the examples could be light switching on automatically once you enter the room. To learn more about the potential of IoT, take up an IoT training course.

The Internet of Things and big data

 IoT developer professionals believe that IoT has the potential to generate a massive amount of data from various sources. And in the current scenario, well-examined data is very crucial. Due to this, big data space will compel organizations to upgrade their existing tools, technology, and processes. Then only companies will be able to collect the continuous flow of large data volumes and further take advantage of information that IoT provides. 

How will companies be able to store such a big amount of data?

The powerful effect of IoT and Big data will increase the data volume, directly affecting the framework of data storage of companies. In this scenario, the existing data center will need to prepare management of all the extra amount of data flow. 

Due to the huge IoT impact on the storage infrastructure of data, companies prefer the platform-as-a-service model. Here, the model uses a cloud-based solution instead of maintaining its own storage infrastructure. Also, this model won’t need constant updates like in-house data systems. And, when the data load gets higher, the PaaS model offers compliance, flexibility, well-organized architecture, and scalability for valuable data storage. 

Additionally, cloud storage systems include private, public and hybrid models. A private cloud is the best solution for an organization containing sensitive data subject to regulations and compliance that need high security. Further, Internet of things expert professionals suggest 

using a hybrid or public cloud to store IoT data for other organizations. 

Establishment of a Big Data Analytics platform in organizations

Companies might establish an efficient and secure system in place for the storage of IoT-based data. But, they also need to analyze it properly. As we know, companies find it hard to extract and manage insights from IoT. They need a good analytical platform. 

As per the Internet of Things expert, ideal analytical platforms must pass the three parameters: 

  • Performance
  • Right-size infrastructure
  • Future growth

Here, the best fit for maximum performance would be a physical single-tenant server that focuses on a single customer. Further, a hybrid approach is suitable for ensuring the right-sized infrastructure and future growth. 

Hybrid implications come with platforms such as colocation, cloud, dedicated, and managed to host. Furthermore, such implementations provide the best features from multiple platforms into an optimal environment. Moreover, MSPs or managed services providers also operate to handle data on that platform. 

Typically, MSP vendors focus on infrastructure, performance, and tools space to cover the IoT domain.

IoT devices are the source of a consistent flow of data. Hence, companies can analyze vast data volumes and take needed actions by scaling them up. Some of the common actions include statistics preparation, analytics, event correlation, and metric calculation. 

The Big Data and Internet of Things job market

IoT and big data have been the most thriving technologies across industries for the last few years. In fact, many analyst firms put both these technologies at prominent positions as the best emerging innovations. 

Moreover, experts believe that these technologies can potentially shift a fundamental aspect of our daily lives. 

The majority of IoT uses focus on domains like transportation, manufacturing, consumer applications, and smart City establishment. Hence, job opportunities in multiple sectors are an added value for people with IoT training. Also, within the coming years, we can expect rollouts of more IoT initiatives. So, the demand for IoT developer professionals will also be on the rise. 

In fact, at present, multiple surveys show the high availability of IoT jobs in top companies. Some of the best companies that often seek IoT developer and Internet of Things expert professionals are as follows: 

  • Amazon
  • PTC – The Product Development Company
  • Continental
  • Intel
  • Savi Group
  • Ayla Networks


Big data and IoT can bring revolutionary changes to the traditional industrial workspace. With IoT, there is a lot of scope for further development. But, due to the incompatible existing systems and data centers, experts were using IoT in limitations. However, the prevalence of big data tools simultaneously to the growth of IoT has been solving these issues. Though the process has a long way to go, it can possibly be an effective solution. 

Needless to say, having precise insights and data on hand can boost the performance of any company. And in the long run, it can cut down the expenses companies spend in maintaining clusters of data. Here, big data can help them to release information that is not relevant. Hence only workable data will need to be maintained. 

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