Helpful Tips to Become a Python Developer

Though Python developers are one of the in-demand employees across the global IT sector, they still need to compete to get the desired position. However, with the suitable Python programming certification, candidates can boost their chances of getting the vacancy. Aside from this, they can enhance their marketability as professionals in the IT sector by following some practical tips. 

The article shares a few important tips that can provide insights into becoming a successful Python developer: 

Create an appealing GitHub Repository 

Aside from flaunting your Python programming certification, you need to focus on building your GitHub repository equally. In fact, it can act like your CV while you are applying for the vacancy of Python developer. Here, employers can check out your repository themselves without you needing to share your work samples via zip files. It would be best if you add details about your previous and ongoing Python projects on the repository. Ensure to add every piece of your past work, including any sample code. 

Write Readable Code

While writing Python codes, ensure that others can easily read and comprehend them. Hence, any potential employer who checks out your work sample can grasp the idea behind the code. In fact, if they find it hard to understand, then it can go against your reputation as a developer. Hence, by taking training through a Python certification program, you can learn the appropriate manner to write codes. However, here is a basic guideline that allows you to write readable code with Python: 

Follow the following structure while the code;

  • Start with Indentation
  • Include proper spaces and tabs 
  • Maximum line length
  • Add line breaks
  • Source file encoding
  • Blank lines
  • Trailing comma
  • String quotes
  • Naming conventions
  • White spaces in expressions

Maintain proper documentation

Having proper documentation will assist you in improving the readability of your code. Also, make sure to add a README file along with your GitHub repository. By doing so, you provide introductory information about your projects, such as the purpose of the project, which libraries it uses, and others. Take up a beginner-level Python crash course that also teaches documentation basics in its coursework. 

Read others’ codes 

You can find many people that might have your level of experience or skills, but their code writing style would be unique. And once you find any impressive coding style, you can use the knowledge to enhance your coding approach. Also, by skimming through other codes, you get to learn the different types of coding styles available. Also, don’t limit yourself to learning from other developers of your skill level only; try to get ideas from well-experienced Python programmers as well. You can find them by joining reliable Python communities. 

Get hold of Python coding books

With a good Python crash course, you can get all the basic and advanced knowledge of the language. But, Python coding books can boost your understanding of the subject to another level. In fact, Python-based books provide you with an abundance of new material regarding the subject. Most experts keep updates to recent changes and developments in the space and spread the knowledge through comprehensively written books. 


Increase the scope of your Python skills

Enhancing your skill set is one of the best ways to broaden your capabilities and maintain a competitive edge. One way to attain it is by getting hold of some of the most used Python libraries. These include Numpy, SkyPe, TensorFlow, Theano, and Keras. 

Though learning each library will be ideal, having strong expertise in a few of them can offer significant progress. Also, you can build projects on your learnings regarding these libraries. By doing so, you can retain new information about the subject. 

Gain expertise in using AI and ML with Python

To stand out as a Python developer, only having extensive knowledge of the language is not enough. To attain it, you should be able to leverage it for other important technologies. AI and ML fields are currently the significant spaces where Python applications are highly in use. Hence, you should focus on learning the multiple algorithms that these fields use and execute projects utilizing them. 

Take part in Freelance Projects

To become a marketable Python developer, you need to move beyond  building projects and writing codes. For this, the best way is to accept assignments from clients that are looking for freelancer Python developers. Usually, they pay a good sum if you successfully complete their projects. It will add to your experience and will be a considerable factor for your target employers. 

Contribute to open projects

Usually, in Python professionals communities, you will find that many experts run open-source projects. Here, they allow any member to participate and enhance the project quality or resolve bugs. You can participate in such tasks and showcase your team player skills. Here are a few reliable open-source projects you can consider: 

  • Pipenv: It is based on Python workflow development for humans. 
  • Statistics: Preparation of Python scripts to resolve the Telegram, Messenger, and Hangouts chat data and logs into DataFrames. 
  • Som-TCP: Building solutions for traveling salesman problems with the help of self-organizing maps.
  • Py2bpf: Creating converter for Python to Berkeley Packet Filter bytecode or BPF. 

Organize a daily coding schedule

A way to excel in any job is to practice it with dedication and regularity. Hence, when it comes to your career as a Python developer, ensure to practice coding every single day. In fact, you need to organize your day so that you get adequate time to code daily enough that you get familiar with every aspect of Python. Choose the best Python certification accessible that offers coding exercises to practice. 


The decision to become a Python developer is an excellent career choice looking at the rising demand of this job sector. Moreover, the availability of Python programming certification courses allows learners around the world to gain top-class training. Follow the above-given tips along with enrolling on a robust Python crash course

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