Why Big Data Analytics Is the Best Career Move?

A hospital collects data to analyze the particular outcomes and improve results.

A restaurant collects data from users to maximize appeal.

Businesses collect data from users to enhance the decision-making capabilities of the organization.

Data is everywhere! And it has the power to give us so much more than we expect.

In some businesses, data evaluate how we can improve outcomes. and in other industries, higher user satisfaction is achieved through data. When data is so important, how can a career in big data not be your first choice?

Here are the top reasons why a career in big data can become your goldmine.

Why Big Data Can Be Your Perfect Career Choice?

1. High Demand

By the end of this year, the big data market will expectedly grow to USD 46 billion. The demand for big data is soaring high. Every organization wants to collect, store, and analyze data. Data analysts find new trends, insights, and actionable information based on data every day. This information is then used to enhance working and productivity of the organization and improve the decision-making capabilities of the business.

Luckily, this demand is only going to increase as we are yet to explore all the aspects of big data. Every day, data scientists find a new use for big data which was not previously known.

2. Low Supply

While big data’s demand is too high, its supply is comparatively low. Not many professionals choose this field, which increases the value and compensation of the ones who want to enter the field. Many businesses are looking for professionals who can generate outputs and help the organization in making better business decisions.

3. High Priority

For organizations, big data is the topmost priority. Approximately 45% of organizations believe that big data can offer them actionable insights and 38% are willing to use big data for their sales and marketing efforts.

According to research by Deloitte, 65% of businesses are utilizing some of the other forms of big data for improving the working of their business.

All these statistics show how much people believe in the power of data.

4. More Opportunities

Since the demand for big data is extremely high, the opportunities involved in this job role are also more. You can explore various organizations or work with multiple ones as a consultant. If you have the right, detailed knowledge in the field, it is possible to assume different job roles covered under big data. Additionally, you can keep exploring new fields of data and keep deciphering unknown fields. The opportunities in data are currently ample. You just have to gain the right knowledge and get into the field.

5. Lucrative Offers

As every aspect is in the favor of big data, the salary and compensation offered to data scientists are also lucrative. A person working in big data can earn up to USD 90,000 annual salary. This range can increase with the right talent and zeal to learn.

6. It Is Everywhere

Big data is literally everywhere. You name the industry and it has it! There is no denying to the fact that data has changed the way we make decisions and perceive user behavior.

The chances of big data slipping away or this profession going out of work are extremely slim.

Things to Remember

While you are pursuing a degree, course, or certification in big data, it is advised to keep certain things in mind.

1. Know Your Basics

For anything, you need to know your basics and keep it close. While you are preparing for big data, ensure that you know all the basics of the job role through and through. There is no going back. You need to have good knowledge of the field you are interested in.

2. Understand Tools

For big data, you are also required to understand some tools such as SQL, Pig, Hive, Apache, SPSS, R, etc. Pick some of the familiar tools, understand it, and learn every aspect of it. Then, move forward to other tools.

3. Never Stop Learning

Big data in itself is a constant learning process. You can’t stop learning if you are in this field. Every day, data will bring forth new surprises for you and to embrace it, you need to keep an open mind to learning.

4. Read. Read. Read.

Reading about big data can improve your big data knowledge like nothing else. Join some communities and follow groups to receive latest updates about data rapidly.


Since big data is today on the topmost priority of many employers, this is just the perfect time to get your hands dirty. Pick up your laptop, explore some data and information about big data, and start learning.

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