Using Big Data To Churn Out an Impressive Research Paper

Big data is a concept that generated in the 2000s right from the time when Doug Laney, an industry analyst, articulated the mainstream definition of big data as comprising of three Vs such as volume, velocity, and variety.

So, What is Big Data?

Big data is a word used to describe large volumes of data. It can refer to both structured and unstructured data that any business is flooded with on a daily basis. More than the amount of data, what organizations really do with it is what really matters. Every organization needs to analyze the large chunks of information it generates as it will enable smart decision-making, time reduction, cost reduction, and new product development and optimized offerings. The insights gained through big data can be used by organizations to make better decisions and plan out strategic business moves.

Having understood what big data is, let us now move on to know more about how big data can be used to write an impressive research paper.

Writing an Impressive Research Paper using Big Data

Big data is invaluable in helping students churn out fantastic research papers. Both universities and students are realizing this now to a great extent as they have understood that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is rarely effective when it comes to studying and creating research papers. Big data helps students perfect their writing skills through effective tools such as Pipedrive, TinyPulse, Desktime, Trello, etc.

Let us now get started on writing a proper research paper using big data. Once you have conducted your academic research, you will be moving on to work on your research paper. Big data makes the research part very straightforward thanks to the academic databases and new search engines that rely on big data.

Some of the useful and sure-shot tips to use big data to create better research papers are:

1. Compiling Your Ideas

Compiling or organizing your ideas is the first task you must do before you start writing. You must compile your thoughts and ideas following deep analysis. Ask yourself, ‘What do I want to convey to the reader?’ You can decide on the message you want to provide to the reader, through deep research. In the compiling stage, big data can be used to offer various ways to structure the content. A perfect example of this is tools like Grammarly. They make use of the machine learning concept to understand flow issues that need to be resolved even while the content is written.

2. Clarity

This is another area big data can help in through machine learning tools. While keyword research tools used earlier were not very efficient in identifying relationships between keywords, Thanks to machine learning, keyword research tools have advanced as they help find better conceptual relationships. Machine learning makes tools very efficient. All you need to do is add in the keywords related to your research topic that you wish to include in your research paper. This keyword generator will then give you the perfect list of keywords related to your topic.

If a research paper is complicated or technical, readers will lose interest in reading it. So, it is important to keep your research paper simple and easy to read. If your data is easy to read, there is a huge change for your paper becoming more popular by being published in academic journals across the globe and translated into different languages. It is best to avoid ambiguous statements. Make sure that you edit your text properly. If possible, hire a person specialized in content, to go through your material.

3. Structure of a Research Paper

Make sure that your research paper follows an organized structure. You can do this by adding elements or sections such as title, introduction, materials and methods or tools used, results, references, discussion, and abstract.


While churning out the perfect research paper is not an easy task, we, fortunately, have big data tools that can be used to simplify the process and, at the same time, include the key aspects.

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