Top Machine Learning Companies to Watch Out For in 2020

The concept of machine learning and machine learning companies has now been around for several years. Machine learning companies are constantly competing with each other for dominance to be the best in the fields in which they operate. Given the rapid pace at which the technology landscape is transforming, it has become mandatory for us to stay updated on the new trends and new companies that come to existence in every domain. Machine learning is one field that is constantly changing for the better.

In this article, I will brief you on the best machine learning companies you can consider working for in 2020.

1. Soundhound

This is an innovative company that is currently operating in the machine learning sector. It uses machine learning mechanisms to help in the development of systems for natural language processing, voice recognition, and sound recognition. It is involved in transforming sound into a more meaningful and understandable feature. Sound Hound has recently released ‘Hound.’ It is a technology that makes use of their technology dubbed as the speech-to-meaning for providing users with the best smartphone experience. It also applies its technologies to music. This way, users can share and discover music in a convenient manner.

2. Dynamic Yield

It is currently one of the leading innovative companies in the industry it operates in. It serves 300 brands on a global level. It focuses on improving the consumer experience they provide by improving the personalization aspects of their service. It offers a wide range of services such as mobile personalization, personalized email, and dynamic advertising. They also offer optimization and testing services. The robust data management offered by Dynamic Yield is what makes it a preferred choice for other companies.

3. Intellias

It is a very popular machine learning company that mainly operates in the fields of location-based services, FinTech, and automotive. It is a company based out of Ukraine, and this rightful member of the top machine learning companies was called as the top IT employer in the Ukraine Region. The company works for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Tier 1 vendors operating from various countries such as South Korea, Japan, Germany, and the UK. It operates on the main goal of providing assistance to both startups and established companies to enhance their capabilities in software engineering.


This is one of the most renowned companies in the machine learning sphere. Being one of the top machine learning companies, helps explore and come up with modern methods to learn about the functioning of machines for the sake of interaction. This is done through the secure evaluation of data with the help of pre-trained machine learning products in a sophisticated and automated platform.

This company currently runs on a platform hosted by SaaS. It mainly focuses on introducing artificial intelligence and machine learning to businesses that are not necessarily in need of them. The primary aim of the company is to broaden the scope of the playing field where machine learning companies compete.

5. CyberInt

This is a force to reckon while talking about machine learning enterprises. It offers intelligent and sophisticated solutions to the emerging trend of cyber threats that are faced by many companies in the online space. It provides clients with innovative solutions that provide real-time, valid alerts against threats that are made possible by the research and modern technologies. It examines digital assets and online activities from the attacker’s perspective. It provides holistic end-to-end protection by using the ArgosTM digital risk protection platform that offers services such as threat hunting, deep-dive investigations, risk and business impact assessments, and real-time incident response.


Given its immense potential for businesses across all industry verticals, machine learning is one concept that is certainly here to stay. To learn more about online machine learning certifications, and become a machine learning expert to have a successful machine learning career, check out Global Tech Council.