10 Best AI Chatbots to Customize Your Business

Artificial intelligence deals with using computers to understand human intelligence, and it is the science and engineering that creates intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It refers to adding human capabilities into machines. AI initiates problem-solving, common sense, and analytical reasoning power in machines. Put simply, AI involves making computer programs that imitate human behavior.

Nowadays, businesses across the globe are using chatbots that are powered by artificial intelligence. Irrespective of whether people accept them or not, chatbots are here to stay. Chatbots have been very popular in recent years due to dramatic advancements in machine learning and its underlying technologies.

Let us now move on to understand in detail what standard chatbots and AI-powered chatbots are and how they can help customize your business.

What are Chatbots?

A chatbot is the most promising and advanced expression of the interaction between humans and computers/machines. It is an artificial intelligence-enabled computer program that stimulates a conversation with a user in natural language. It communicates using telephones, messages, websites, and mobile apps.

Chatbot responds based on input from a user. Chatbot applications help streamline interactions between people and services, thereby enhancing the customer experience. Human intervention is crucial in a chatbot system as they need to configure, train, and optimize the chatbot. Chatbots greatly benefit enterprises by improving the customer engagement process and operational efficiency.

AI-powered chatbots have the ability to understand the intention behind your customer’s requests, respond to questions in a  natural, human way, and account for each customer’s conversation history.


Russian technology firm ‘Endurance’ has developed a companion chatbot to act as a companion for dementia patients. The chatbot will identify deviations in conversational branches and indicate any issues related to immediate recollection. As it is a cloud-based solution, physicians and family members will be able to review communication logs and obstacles in communication that will help know if there is any deterioration in the patient’s condition. A Russian version of the chatbot is available, and an English version will soon be released.

2. Casper

One who suffers from insomnia will know that feeling of suffocating loneliness, the idea that everyone else is resting peacefully while you are betrayed with worries and doubts. Casper’s Insomnobot 3000, a conversational agent that aims to give insomniacs someone to talk to while the rest of the world is sleeping.


UNICEF, the international child advocacy nonprofit, uses chatbots to help people living in developing nations speak out regarding the urgent needs in their communities. Names, U-Report, the chatbot focuses on large-scale data gathering through polls. It is important to note that this chatbot will not suit talkative people. This bot sends out prepared polls with on various social issues, and the users known as U-Reporters can use this feedback as a basis for potential policy recommendations.

4. MedWhat: Speeding Up Medical Diagnoses

This is a chatbot that helps in easy, fast, and transparent diagnoses for both physicians and patients. It is powered by a sophisticated machine learning system that provides accurate responses to user questions based on the behaviors it learns by interacting with humans. The bot also draws upon peer-reviewed scientific papers and vast volumes of medical research.

5. Roof AI

It is a chatbot that helps real estate marketers to automate interacting with lead assignment through social media and potential leads. It identifies potential leads through Facebook and responds instantly in a friendly, conversational tone that resembles that of a real person. It lets real estate agents respond to user queries irrespective of whether a sales agent or customer service rep is there to help.

6. NBC- Easier News Navigation

NBC has launched its NBC political bot for those who have the habit of checking the headlines over their morning coffee. It helps users engage with the conversational agent through Facebook to get hold of breaking news stories. Following the initial conversation, the bot provides customized news results based on their preferences. It also helps NBC determine the news that resonated the most with users. The network can use this information to redefine its content and attract more users.


ALICE stands for Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity. It was created and launched by Dr. Richard Wallace in 1995 during the days of the early internet. Though it relies on an old codebase, it provides an accurate conversational experience. It is a free software chatbot created in Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML). ALICE makes use of Linguistic Deflection. It refers to the way in which a chatbot avoids responding to an input that it does not understand by giving a canned response. ALICE uses linguistic deflections by using sentences that are vague and not monotonous.

8. Watson Assistant

It is one of the most advanced AI-chatbots in the market. It is pre-trained with content in a specific industry. It can ask customers for more clarity, search for an answer in your knowledge base, understand your call logs and historical chat, direct them to human representatives, and also give you training recommendations to sharpen conversational abilities. It comes with a visual dialog editor, and hence, no coding experience is needed. It can run on mobile apps, customer service tools, website, and messaging channels.

9. Bold360

Bold 360 has a conversational AI to reply to customers with natural responses, remember the context of an entire conversation, interpret complex language. It also allows customers to purchase your products using the chatbot. It runs on almost all messaging channels and gives your chatbot its own personality.

10. LivePerson

LivePerson can automate almost every industry’s messaging as it has collected more than 20 years of messaging transcript data. LivePerson can integrate with almost all messaging channels such as mobile apps, websites, Apple Business Chat, Google Rich Business messaging, text messaging, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger. LivePerson’s BotStudio helps you build chatbots without coding knowledge. Its analytics dashboard can track metrics like bot conversation time, bot containment rate, average order value, real-time sentiment, total conversation time, etc.


Many startups and multinational corporations have started using chatbots to develop smart AI-based solutions for their businesses and help shape the future world. If you want to develop a chatbot or want to know more about artificial intelligence certifications, check out Global Tech Council.

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