Top 10 Chatbot Use Cases That Really Work

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future technology that is dramatically changing the realm of communication between a business and consumers. As per the Chatbot expert, 80% of companies will be employing chatbots in their processing. By learning about chatbots and how it works, more industries can implement chatbots to convert users to potential consumers, boost sales, and enhance the all-around customer experience.

Let us look into Top 10 use cases of chatbots:

  • For customer service:

Customer service comes among the essential business tasks where chatbots have shown incredible usefulness. As shoppers always want to receive immediate solutions and personalized assistance, chatbots are capable of achieving that. Chatbots for customer service helps companies to increase clients engagement by answering FAQs and providing context to chats. Additionally, companies can save support staff expenses by employing bots in place of human force to speed up response duration and better customer convenience.

  • Tickets bookings To shows/Events With Chatbots

A chatbot can navigate a buyer and resolve their problem with ticket bookings. Furthermore, a chatbot can likewise help the buyer get the option they are searching within the site. For instance, PVR Cinemas run one of the vastest lines of film theatres in the country. And on their official website, you’ll see a chatbot that enables users to promptly book film tickets, explore offers, and give feedback.

  • Chatbot for sales

Chatbots help e-commerce companies to ask contextually suitable queries to customers, prepare leads, and assign sales meetings, and so forth. Also, Bots can generate four times higher leads than conventional lead generation methods because buyers like to interact with sellers of their chosen products for one-on one solutions. Hence, chatbots engage with your website visitors 24×7 and interact with them to bring in more leads. Also, you may take a chatbot certification and become a part of the growing chatbot developer community. 

  • Chatbots can be entertaining 

One doesn’t need to design Chatbots to be serious and solely transactional all the time. You can formulate them to attract consumers to make a buying decision while entertaining them with quizzes, telling jokes, and sending memes occasionally.

In addition, chatbots can efficiently give instructions. For instance, they can pop up images of products, provide clickable choices, provide live links to store locations on Google Maps, and more. Hence, your chatbot can be a really valuable technology that buyers will enjoy interacting with. With a chatbot certification, you’ll learn how to create such chatbots. 

  • Use cases of Chatbots for social media

Chatbots considerably draw in user attention on popular social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and speak with buyers via live chat outlets such as Facebook Messenger. Chatbots are becoming a mainstream feature for social media marketing as they enable companies to engage with customers to offer customer service and transactional processing. Consider taking a chatbot training to learn to build a social media-friendly chatbot. 

  • Chatbots for tracking Orders And Shipping

After purchasing a commodity, buyers usually wish to know how much time it will take to ship their product. Generally, this task involves a complex process. First, buyers go through their mail inbox to find out the shipment number of the purchased item, then visit the selling company’s official site. Further, they have to finally go to the courier service company’s site to enter the tracking number. Hence, a chatbot is a much better solution to fulfill this task. Buyers can simply enter the shipping ID of the product and quickly receive a status update.

  • Conversational chatbot for messaging apps

Companies prefer conversational marketing over conventional ways. With the ever-evolving rage of messaging applications, chatbots have now become the base of business marketing. This facility motivates consumers to be more willing and receptive to buy online with bots than ever before.

As per the survey, consumers like using these four leading messaging applications: Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and WeChat.

  • Helping in transactional HR services

Usually, employees find it hard to remember where they need to put up their vacations and absences remarks—particularly newcomers who have no idea about such things. However, entirely ending listing absences is not a reasonable solution. Instead, introducing an HR chatbot on the shared chat platforms is going to be the best approach for such quests. HR chatbot is the future technology that the corporate world needs.

  • Setting pricing alerts

Chatbots add a fresh layer of communication to online selling businesses, enabling buyers to interact beyond buttons and menus. Companies can set price alerts on their website and set bots to give notifications of price alerts when a product’s rate changes by identifying the variation of prices across different websites. It would be better to set the bot as per the behavior of the majority of consumers and pop up notifications in suitable situations.

  • Plan your vacation with chatbots

While most portions of a travel booking process are already self-service tasks, it consumes a lot of the user’s time. While booking, one needs to look for many aspects such as discovering the sights and activities that they will do while staying, schedule an itinerary, select suitable motels to dwell in depending on various criteria from location to kid or pet-friendliness. Hence, doing all these tasks by oneself gets annoying for travelers. Therefore, smart chatbots can sort out these tasks by pulling out data as per your needs giving you a pleasant booking experience.


These are the eight most creative chatbot use cases that help businesses and customers to achieve convenience. Of course, there are many more use cases of chatbots beyond this list. And, with time, more companies will implement them in their system. To get more such insights on technology, check out the GLOBAL TECH COUNCIL. Also, you can enroll in chatbot training programs on the platform.