Top 7 Companies That Use Python Are Making A Mark In 2021

Python is one of the great programming languages for developers to learn. If you have a technical background, you must be aware of Python’s widespread use for creating applications for multiple world-class companies. Further, you can create amazing applications by learning Python programming with the best Python courses available. Also, You must have been curious about how businesses use Python for their real-world applications. 

Hence, this article will be sharing about internationally famous companies that use Python. Additionally, this information will benefit our developer community to find better opportunities for their career:


Though Quora founders were using the best languages like javascript for its systems, they made a shift to Python for writing some of their services due to its ease of reliability and writing. Additionally, they also implement C++ language to maintain the performance of essential sections. Furthermore, Python provides excellent frameworks, including pylons and Django. The founders knew that Quadra would be engaging with server/client interactions that needn’t be full-page loads. Hence using JavaScript and Python together became beneficial for them. With a Python certification, you can expand your chances of getting recruited.


Dropbox keeps all your photos, videos, documents, and files in one place. However, a simple application like Dropbox actually has 200 million active users globally. Interestingly the entire technical stack of this application is written in Python, but now they also employ Go language. The inventor of Python, working for Google for several decades, is now an engineer at Dropbox. With his knowledge, he made it easier to allocate datastores among Dropbox community members. However, a lot of libraries of the company do not work as open-source, making it difficult to determine the level of reliability of Dropbox on Python. 

On the other hand, the company has released an API written in Python. Hence, we can say that most of the server code is quoted in Python.


Since the introduction of Python, Google has been the advocate of this programming language. In the initial days, Google founders declared that they would be using Python in most of their servers and C++ as per need. This implies that Google uses C++, where low latency is required, and memory control is essential. Additionally, Python enables ease of use and offers fast deliveries. 

Though Google writes other system scripts in Bash or Perl, they eventually get recorded into Python. The reason for doing so was that Python is much easier to implement and needs low maintenance in comparison to other languages. Get a Python crash course to become eligible to serve this prestigious company.


Netflix comes among the prominent companies that use Python programming. It takes advantage of the vast ecosystem of Python tools to boost the performance of its system. The base business revenue comes from the number of subscriptions of its streaming service. Therefore, it needs to maintain dynamic software to maintain efficient performance. Hence, it uses Python to write its software and analyze data notifications and alerts as well as enhance infrastructure security. 

Netflix employs Python to back machine learning functionality. It improves streaming, scrutinizes movies, and fetches pictures to display movies or shows thumbnails. Python has widespread usage across the Netflix system. Enhance your chances to become a part of the Netflix developer community by attending various Python courses


In 2016, one of the popular social networking companies, Instagram, announced they’ll be implementing the most extensive Django web framework in the entire world. And will use Python programming language to write the whole framework. Since then, its development team has been investing their time and resources to maintain their Python implementation. It aims to deliver robust services to over 800 million users actively engaging with the platform. 


As per data from May 2020, Reddit is ranking as the 19th most visited website worldwide. It includes nearly 55% visitors from the USA alone, 5.8% from Canada, and 7.4% from the United Kingdom. Using Python, Reddit has become the best platform to explore the collection of social news, conversation websites, and web content ranking. Reddit heavily depends on Python and its vast library by directly executing advanced variants of each library present. 


Spotify uses Python mainly for back-end services and data analysis, proving itself to be the biggest supporter of the language. The back end of Spotify comprises a considerable number of services that interact on the top of ZeroMQ or 0MQ. Hence, working as an open network system and library written in C++ and Python. Spotify focuses on faster development of the pipeline at the time of writing codes. Hence, it mostly prefers to write its services in Python. However, the recent architectural updates of Spotify use Gevent to acquire a fast event loop along with an excellent synchronous API.

So, did you enjoy learning about Python programming and its applications in these well-known companies? If you use services by these companies, know that Python is one reason that allows them to deliver maximum convenience. Learn more such information on the GLOBAL TECH COUNCIL and enhance your tech knowledge.