Is ‘CyberSecurity’ the Hottest Job? How Do You Land the Right One?

Any organization which uses the internet, technology, and web-applications needs to secure their data.

As soon as an individual or an organization moves a part of their working or full functioning online, cyber threats start looming on their data. If you check this data, then the information security industry has grown by almost 62% in previous years. It is the same time period in which the industry has observed some of the major cyber-attacks.

This clearly proves that not only cybersecurity is one of the hottest job roles today but also you can secure an amazing job with cybersecurity certification.

Learning of Blog

  •     Why Cybersecurity is the Hottest Job?

o   Variety

o   Digital Era

o   Better Salary

o   Job Satisfaction

o   Better Opportunities

  •     How to Get the Right Job?

o   Certification

o   Consistent Learning

o   Experience

o   Go Beyond Technical Knowledge

  •     Conclusion

Let’s dive in and understand why cybersecurity is the hottest job role currently and how you can get the right job with an online network security certification.

Why Cybersecurity is the Hottest Job?

While the cyberattacks have made it harder for the organizations operating online, it has become a candidate’s market. This increasing need to protect the company’s data is compelling organizations to hire educated, certified professionals – which makes cybersecurity one of the hottest jobs.

1.     Variety

With the internet and technology changing, cybersecurity is also changing. This is because everyday cybercriminals find new ways to enter your systems. This motivation encourages cybersecurity professionals to find new ways to save their systems.

This keeps this role very discrete and diverse. Further, because of the increasing demand of the organizations, new roles also keep adding to this bracket. So, truly, you have multiple options in cybersecurity, some don’t even require extensive technical knowledge.

2.     Digital Era

It has been predicted that the cost of a data breach can reach up to USD 4 billion – that’s a lot of money even for a big organization.

Do you think we can really afford a breach in this digital era?

And think about it, everything is online.


We have a cloud to store data.


Our company data is stored in systems which have internet access.


We communicate with the stakeholders daily through online mediums.

Can you already see multiple routes where hackers can enter your system?

This digital open-ness and increase in cyberattacks can help you land different jobs, whether you want to work with a startup or an MNC.

3.     Better Salary

Of course, looking at the demand for cybersecurity, the salary is high compared to other technical roles. It’s true that you may not get as good salary in technical roles other than cybersecurity. That’s how important cybersecurity is!

In fact, it is believed that cybersecurity professionals get better pay raise if they are good at their jobs. This is because when you start understanding your systems and keep developing new ways to overcome the threat, you become important to the organization.

4.     Better Opportunities

Since cybersecurity is in demand, you have better opportunities. There are multiple job openings that you can find online or on LinkedIn. You only need to apply or message the recruiter and the company will follow up as soon as possible.

If you have knowledge in the area, nothing can stop you from exploring these opportunities.

How to Get the Right Job?

We have talked a lot about why cybersecurity is the hottest job. But, how can you land this job? How can you get the right one?

Let’s find out.


In every technical field, we all know how important are certifications. These certifications help you gain knowledge as well as make it easier to land the right job. Sometimes, employers find it so important to complete a cybersecurity certification online that they make it mandatory for existing employees as well as new members.

Here are the certifications you can do:

  •     The Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  •     Certified Information Systems Auditor
  •     Certified Information Security Manager
  •     Certified Ethical Hacker

Consistent Learning

Other than the cybersecurity certification online, consistent learning is also necessary. Due to the frequently changing environment, it is imperative that the cybersecurity professionals keep updating their knowledge. This helps in staying relevant according to the industry. It also allows the professional to progress their career.


Typically, any employer who is hiring for a higher position looks for some experience in the field. This is to say that experience is invaluable for cybersecurity professionals.

This also indicates that you need to start small if you wish to join higher positions in the future. Even in the beginner level positions, you need to know what you are doing. A degree or cybersecurity certification might help.

Go Beyond Technical Knowledge

One thing that most of the technical job roles won’t tell you (But the one thing you need the most) is non-technical skills. Believe it or not, you can’t spend the day working peacefully sitting in front of the computer. When you reach higher positions, you need to know how to manage your team. More than that, you need to communicate and make decisions. All of these are non-technical skills.


Indeed, cybersecurity is currently the hottest job and we believe it is going to stay that way. Since the job role is complex and requires extreme knowledge, only valuable and knowledgeable professionals will be able to move forward. If you wish to become one of these professionals, complete cybersecurity certification today!