Data Scientist complete Guide 2021 – Job Market, Demand and Salary

Data is the new oil of this technical century. All the new age subjects like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data are based on vast amounts of data. This data can only be used after proper arrangement, analysis, and extract of insights. This is the job of a data scientist. Data scientists analyze the data and make it for further use. If you are looking to pursue data science as a career, this article is ideal for you. Here, we will provide all the details related to Data scientist, including its job value, demand, and salary.

Table of Contents:

  • What is the Job Profile of a Data Scientist?
  • The Current Job Market and Demand for Data Scientists:
  • What is the Average Salary of a Data Scientist?
  • Rules to get a high paying data scientist job quickly in 2021:
  • Conclusion

What is the Job Profile of a Data Scientist?

The Data Scientist job is not only bound in the area of AI, ML, Big Data, or cloud computing. It also spreads in finance, academics, health, retail, government, e-commerce, or scientific research.  The responsibility of data scientists is to identify any data-related problem and solve it for effective decision making. The other responsibility of data scientists are,

  • Build a proper algorithm to manage the data set and extract data from it.
  • Test data mining models and maintain proper communication for the needs of the data.
  • Developed better data gathering techniques for better data collection methods.

These are some main work of a data scientist. Nowadays, there are many online and offline data science certification courses available. A data scientist can also work as a data analyst, Machine Learning scientist, data architect, or data engineer. So there is an enormous opening in the Data Scientist job.

The Current Job Market and Demand for Data Scientists:

The data scientist job is in full bloom, without any doubt. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics-Beyond Numbers, by the end of 2026, there will be a growth of 28% in the job market of data scientists. This projection shows more than 50 thousand jobs are readily available in the field of data scientist. Despite the pandemic and recessionary effect on the market, there is a significant jump in data scientists’ total global job opening. India is the second-highest country to require data scientists with 50 thousand readily available jobs. 

The job openings are increasing every year. And it is safe to state that, with all this automation and technological advancements, this career will stay in high demand for the coming decades also. The shortage of skilled Data scientists is also prominent and pretty evident. The reason is the growing business and start-ups. 

Data scientist is one of the fastest-growing jobs at this time. All the online job portals like LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed can easily see the massive number of job openings in the data scientist field. Data science is a dynamic field, so the demand for data science experts is in high order. Though there are many jobs available, the number of expertise in this field is still deficient. According to research, at the end of 2020, there is a 2.5 lakh shortage of Data scientists. So one can quickly get a job after doing the best data science certification course online or offline and acquiring the proper skills for being a data scientist.

What is the Average Salary of a Data Scientist?

Data science is one of the highest-paying job fields at present. According to the U.S.  Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of data scientists is $103930. In India, the average salary of a data scientist is 6.9 lakh per annum. Data scientists can earn 5 lakh per annum at entry-level, whereas experienced data scientists who have experience in this field for around 1 to 4 years can easily earn 6.1 lakh per annum. A data scientist with 5 to 9 years of experience can earn more than 10 lakh per annum. Similarly, a senior-level data scientist can reach around 17 lakh per annum in India. These digits clearly show how a high-paid job profile is a data scientist job. It is a very well played as well as high-level position.

Rules to get a high paying data scientist job quickly in 2021:

  1. Get a clear view of the data scientist job role.
  2. Acquire knowledge of mathematics and statistics.
  3. Sharpen programming skills.
  4. Be efficient in algorithm design and increase problem-solving skills
  5. Get an expert in Python programming language and get friendly with inbuilt libraries like Pandas, scikit, NumPy, etc.
  6. Get friendly with SQL and R programming language.


All the figures for job openings and salaries of a data scientist are imposing. So it is undoubtedly a sage idea to start learning data science to get a high-paying job in high demand. If anyone can adequately acquire data science knowledge and get an expert in the subject, then there will be no hurdle to find a job in this field. 

Most organizations need an expert data scientist to grow their business. So it is essential to enroll in a proper data scientist certification course where one will get appropriate practical knowledge of the actual working scenarios. Global Tech Council is one such place where people can master and excel in data science. It offers multiple courses based on your intellectual and career needs. Organizations are ready to offer a huge salary package to an expert Data Scientist. All one needs to do is to get skilled.

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