How Coronavirus is Disrupting Tech World?

Coronavirus is a respiratory disease which started in Wuhan, China. From there, it has slowly moved to every other country and continent. As a result, the tremors of this disease are now being felt everywhere.

Needless to say, with a total lockdown in many states and countries, the tech landscape is also suffering. From supply chain interruption to store closures, coronavirus has sent the tech world in a complete frenzy.

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In this article, we will discuss how coronavirus is breaking the tech landscape and how can techies use artificial intelligence and data science to stay occupied in this time.

How This Pandemic is Disrupting Technology?

We cannot underestimate the impact of coronavirus on the economy. The supply chains have disrupted and footfall has reduced to almost a zero. The tech industry has truly experienced a massive halt in terms of productions, supply, delivery, and everything else.

Let’s see the impact of the pandemic on the tech world.

1.     Supply Chain Interruption

China was hit hardest by coronavirus and people were forced into lockdown. For multiple weeks now, the Chinese factories are not working.

However, this is impacting the tech world everywhere else. Most of the tech giants utilize the vast Chinese workforce for sourcing of raw material and manufacturing of finished products. This helps in reducing the costs of operations and manufacturing.

But, now, every factory in China has been shut down. This means the supply chain is experiencing a halt because its major source of the product is disrupted.

Even big tech giants like Apple have announced a temporary shortage of products due to low productions in China. Even when some companies and manufacturing units are starting to reopen, the fear of the outbreak still remains. Health authorities share concerns about resuming work in these conditions.

Not only Apple, but Amazon is also suffering from supply chain interruption. Approximately 40% of Amazon’s products are created in China. While these products may be sold in other countries, the original source of production is China.

As Chinese production comes to a halt, Amazon is facing issues in fulfilling demands. Some time back, Amazon even reached out to its suppliers asking to stock Chinese made products in abundance to avoid further slowdown of the supply chain.

2.     Cancellation of Tech Conferences

The mobile world conference which is a cornerstone for many tech companies. It offers an opportunity to make tech connections and reveal innovations in technologies like artificial intelligence, data science, etc. This conference was to be held from 24-27th February. However, due to concerns of coronavirus outbreak, the conference was cancelled and the tech world was forced to suffer. Majority of companies who were planning to present innovations in MWC were asked to reschedule and then finally cancel their events.

Apart from these conferences, other organizations also cancelled or effectively postponed their conferences like Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference or Google’s Google Cloud Next event or IBM’s developer’s conference. Cancellations of all these major, important conferences have led to a total loss of approximately USD 1 billion.

Further, due to the cancellations of conferences and slow supply cycle, multiple companies are also experiencing launch delays. With Foxconn’s manufacturing unit being closed, the production of iPhone has slowed down. The ROG phone II has also informed customers of the unavailability of devices.

3.     Store Closures

Since the coronavirus outbreak is impacting people everywhere, the countries are slowly announcing a total lockdown. This lockdown clearly impacts the last leg of the supply chain. The technology products are not being sold and a large number of products are stuck in the retailer units.

The health considerations are still stopping retailers to return to their businesses. This curfew and lockdown are creating an additional ripple in the supply chain issues.

What Can You Do While You Are in Lockdown?

While most of the tech giants and even small vendors are experiencing the tremors of lockdown, the techies can still stay entertained. If you are a technology person and you are currently unable to keep yourself busy, here’s what you can do:

  •  Check out these courses on Global Tech Council, select the one which interests you and can improve your knowledge. When the lockdown is over, you will come out with flying colours; all ready to land the perfect job with the right artificial intelligence training.




  •  Individuals who don’t wish to complete a course or data science training can stay updated with the tech world through our blog. You can get interesting news and articles on this blog.



Unfortunately, staying home is the only way of staying safe from this pandemic. But, this doesn’t indicate that you have to stay away from tech inventions, artificial intelligence and data science.


Coronavirus has disrupted every supply chain. From tech to commodities, every industry is suffering losses from this lockdown. The only way to survive this outbreak is to stay home, keep engaged, and keep yourself updated with new tech. Check our courses and pick the one which interests you the most.