Why Does an Artificial Intelligence Developer Use Python?

Thinking of using Python for your upcoming Artificial Intelligence (AI) project? Most AI developers across the globe have found Python to be the best language for AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning projects. This post will tell you all about the relation between Python and AI. 


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  • Introduction
  • What is Python?
  • Why is AI Popular?




AI is an integral part of our daily lives; it has become a hot topic of discussion in the IT industry. More and more companies are preparing to build products around it or integrating it into their internal processes. Thus, there is a need to simplify the development process and use a robust language for quicker delivery of solutions. 


Artificial Intelligence certification courses for beginners highlight the use of Python in AI development and teach the basics of Python. While HTML and Java are still popular, python has seen a steady increase in popularity in the last few years. It is battling its way to becoming the most popular programming language. 


What is Python?

Python is a robust high-level programming language that offers scalability and rapid development. It’s an open-source easy to learn a language, which implies that everyone can use it for free. A popular feature of Python is that the code is easier to read, making its understanding and debugging easier. 


Why is AI Popular?

AI was introduced in the 1950s but has gained much popularity in the last decade because of the wide spreading of the internet. Other factors responsible for its popularity are:

AI Importance

  • Powerful GPUs – Developing AI programs and applications involves complex computations and neural networks. With the introduction of powerful GPUs, such complex tasks are now simpler. We can now easily process complex algorithms and perform heavy tasks.


  • Data Generation – It is estimated that we created around 1.7 MB of data every second. With such a huge amount of data being created every day, data science and other techniques of AI have proven to be useful in analyzing this data and drawing useful insights from it. 


  • Huge Investments – Most tech giants and IT companies have already realized the importance of AI, and have invested billions of dollars for the same. It has led to huge demand and growth for AI across the globe. 


Why Use Python For AI Programming

AI developers have multiple programming languages to choose from and oftentimes it can be frustrating to find the best language that will make the development process quick and accurate. Let’s look at some of the benefits offered by Python for AI developers. 


  • Prebuilt library ecosystem – The main reason behind the popularity of Python, in general, is the availability of pre-written codes – like LOTS of them.  This saves the effort of writing code from scratch and minimizes development time. In short, the developers can easily find prebuilt basic functionalities, saving them the hassle of writing a fresh piece of code. 




  • Check as you code methodology – When using programming languages like C or C++, the coder needs to write the code first and then compile it to check for errors. Such is not the case with Python, it works on the ‘check as you code methodology’. In simple words, the system automatically displays if the code is incorrect (while typing) and the user can check the output of a single line of code as well. 



Moreover, there is no such compilation process, further reducing the development time. 



  • Platform Independent – Unlike other programming languages, Python is platform-independent. It can run on Windows, MacOS, Unix, Linux, and more with the same set of rules. In case you wish to transfer the code from one platform to another, tools like PyInstaller will take care of everything. 




  • Simplicity – AI and ML projects involve complex workflows and algorithms. Python is easy to learn and its precise and simple syntax helps the developer focus more on solving problems rather than learning the language (especially for new developers). 




  • Community Support – As mentioned above, Python is an open-source programming language. Thus, there is a huge developer community that is always ready to support the developers who are facing any difficulty and need assistance. 



AI is the future and is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Developers need a language that complements their efforts and supports the development of AI systems and programs. Thus, the features offered by Python seem to be apt for AI developers and that’s why smart programmers choose Python as they go to language for every need.