Best Programming Languages to Learn for Ethical Hacker

Ethical Hacking is a growing industry, mainly because of its growing technology. We cannot deny that the threat is also growing, which increases the need for ethical knowledge. The number of certified ethical hacker courses and ethical hacking training centers is exponentially growing every year. Before starting ethical learning hacking, it is essential to know the correct programming language to use. Many programming languages are present now, and it is necessary to choose a better programming language that can make ethical hacking a much easier and time-saving process. So, in this article, we have brought forward the top programming language that an ethical hacker enthusiast should target primarily. Let, get right into it.

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  • Best programming language to learn for ethical hacker:
    • 1. Python:
    • 2. Ruby:
    • 3. PHP:
    • 4. Bash:
    • 5. SQL:
    • 6. Javascript:
  • Conclusion:

Best programming language to learn for ethical hacker:

Here we will discuss some most used and advantageous programming languages that every ethical hacker should learn to implement ethical hacking more easily.

1. Python: 

Python is the most popular and probably the most used language of this time for ethical hacking. It is also a vastly used high-level programming language for ethical hacking. Its English-like coding language makes it easy to learn programming language. Its easy-to-use interface, enormous in-built libraries support ethical hackers in implementing their ethical hacking very efficiently. Apart from this, Python helps quickly identify the target network and makes a prototype in no time.  Because of all these advantages, Python is also known as the De Facto programming language for ethical hacking purposes.

2. Ruby: 

Ruby is one of the best coding languages for hacking the multi-purpose corporate system. It is more web-focused, and the syntax of Ruby is a lot like Python. While writing the exploits, Ruby offers superior flexibility, which is the main reason that it is being used as the base language of Metasploit. So it is essential to learn ruby for an ethical hacker to write better exploits. It is also a good choice for writing a program for quick hacking. Next-generation web applications are created using the rails framework, making Ruby the best option to break into the applications.

3. PHP: 

PGP is a dynamic coding language, and it is based on modern CMSs, for example, WordPress and Drupal. At this time, most of the personal websites on the internet are based on PHP. So in-depth knowledge of the PHP programming language is very beneficial for ethical hackers in their work. PHP is extensively used in server-side scripting. Older PHP websites contain deprecated scripts, so knowledge of PHP can help any ethical hacker get easy access to the server quickly.

4. Bash: 

In the field of ethical hacking, proficient knowledge of Bash programming is required. Bash works as a default command shell for most Unix systems, and most servers are built using Unix. This makes Bash so essential to learn for any ethical hacker. Bash is also significant to use hacking programs like NMAP, Metasploit, or Armitage. Bash is also used to automate many hacking programs that can be used to infiltrate a network. Bash can be thought of as a new age hacking program Swiss army knife.

5. SQL: 

SQL is mainly used to create and arrange databases. It is also an essential hacking programming language. Black Hat hackers used SQL to create SQL injection-based hacking tools. So white hat hackers must protect the security and dismiss the infiltration.  As most of the software stores, their valuable data in the form of datasets, the knowledge of SQL makes it very easy for an ethical hacker to fetch any kind of information from the database or to break into the databases. SQL is also essential to get the unhashed password. SQL is undoubtedly one of the most critical programming languages to learn for any professional, ethical hacker.

6. Javascript: 

Javascript is a well-known language and has already overtaken the position of PHP as a De Facto language on the internet. Javascript is the most powerful programming language for web application hacking. The back-end equivalent of Javascript can manipulate the front-end web components. This is why it has become a standard programming language to perform hacking in complex web applications. Javascript is the go-to programming language for adware hacking program development. So all professional, ethical hackers need to have a grip on this programming language to work correctly in the ethical hacking field.


With the growing number of applications and technical gadgets, ethical hacking becomes a top-rated career. Every day the number of certified ethical hacker jobs is increasing. So a person can make a successful career in this ethical hacking field. There are many courses available for white-hat hacker training. A person who wants to pursue ethical hacking certification training should acquire knowledge of the essential programming languages to be easy for them to complete the ethical hacking course correctly. In this present time, security is the biggest issue, as hacker’s activities are increasing ferociously. It is imperative to get some knowledge in the ethical hacking field to get a good job and protect your privacy. If you are intrigued by the concept of ethical hacking, you should check out Global Tech Council. It is one of the best portals for learning and mastering Ethical hacking.