Important Ethical Hacking Skills for Professionals

When we hear “hacking,” we immediately associate it with stealing passwords and other sensitive information. Although this is not the case, Hacking may be utilized for good. In fact,  Ethical Hacking is a kind of hacking used for a good cause. Thus, when getting into a system, Ethical Hackers must be well-versed in a broad range of tactics and abilities. In this scenario, ethical hacking training is pretty helpful. 

The article shares all the essential skills one needs to have to become an Ethical Hacker. 

What Is Ethical Hacking?

“Ethical Hackers” are those who employ their hacking abilities to protect or secure their workplace. For this, they perform penetration testing to protect their websites against cyberattacks. Interested individuals can either take short-term ethical hacking training or join in a full course program of ethical hacking certification.

Ethical Hacking Requires a Certain Set of Skills:

1. Knowledge of the social networking scene

To become an Ethical Hacker, networking skills are the most vital. Networking a group of computers is called a “computer network.” And, these computers are primary hosts that transmit and receive data. As a hacker, you must be familiar with network models, internet protocols, and IP addresses. Additionally, you should be conversant with such terms as “routers,” “servers,” “clients,” and “transmission media.” For this, you can take up ethical hacking certification training. 

2. Computer Knowledge

Having computer skills is working with computers and other electronic devices. Also, Data processing, file management, and presentation creation are the most common computer talents. Some examples of more in-depth knowledge include database management, programming, and the ability to do computations in spreadsheets. With all of its products, spreadsheets, email, database management, social media, and the web, Microsoft Office is among the most important computer abilities. In short, an Ethical Hacker must have a working knowledge of computer systems.

3. Cloud

Most enterprises are heavily reliant on the cloud to collaborate on papers, operate programs, and back up their data. Hence, hackers might utilize the cloud to perform surveillance and develop an attack-free platform. With a white hat certification, one thoroughly learns the security flaws in the main cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

4. Knowledge of computer programming

Ethical Hackers need to have a solid grasp of programming as well. That being said, the only way to become a better programmer is to write a tonne of code! Programming language training is necessary before you can begin writing code. Hence, the following is a list of programming languages to consider: 

  • Python
  • Query Language C
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • C++

Usually, ethical hacking training includes programming language training. 

5. SQL skills

SQL is a database-interface programming language that runs on various operating systems and is in use across many applications. For ethical Hacking, SQL abilities are a must. Moreover, the SQL injection bypasses web application login techniques that are weak and removes data from the database.

6. Knowledge of Hardware

To become an Ethical Hacker, you need a thorough understanding of hardware and the skills necessary for operating on it. The central processing unit (CPU), monitor, and keyboard are examples of hardware in a computer. Other components include computer data storage and graphics cards. Software protection is available, but hardware security isn’t. If someone gains access to the computer, they can mess about with the hardware, which isn’t protected. So, take up a white hat certification course that covers this aspect of security as well. 

7. Malware

Next, to become an Ethical Hacker, one must be familiar with a wide variety of malware, how to employ it, and the most recent varieties of malware to emerge. In fact, Ethical Hackers may create their malware from scratch or use pre-existing malware toolkits.

8. Mastery of the Art of Reverse Engineering

An Ethical Hacker should also have a working knowledge of Reverse Engineering. And, it is possible to learn about a product’s structure, features, and specifications by analyzing its code. Further, with the catalog of Programs, one can draw the information. Also, maintaining an old system might take a long time; Thus, the goal of reverse engineering is to make it easier to comprehend and record.

Moreover, it is standard practice in software security to employ reverse engineering to guarantee the framework does not have any serious security faults or weaknesses. Further, it aids in the stabilization of a device. As a result, it protects it from malware and hackers. More so, Ethical Hacking is a technique that certain software engineers use to test their systems for flaws.

9. The ability to use a database

Database management systems (DBMS) are at the heart of all database creation and maintenance. For the sake of protecting the company, this application must be able to withstand a hack attack. With this knowledge, an Ethical Hacker may assist a corporation in developing a strong database management system (DBMS).

10. Artificial Intelligence and  Machine Learning

Hackers employ AI and machine learning algorithms to decode encrypted data to guess passwords. Furthermore, counter-productive to phishing assaults, AI can do security diagnostics and screen out dangerous websites and connections. Thus, Ethical Hackers must know how to circumvent security measures and use the appropriate AI technologies for post-hack security remedies.

12. Analytical Skills

Hacking involves both creativity and analysis. In fact, a good Ethical Hacker can reverse engineer security frameworks and devise novel network attacks. Moreover, social engineering, used by white and black hat hackers to obtain access to restricted locations, needs creative thinking.

13. Expertise in resolving issues

One may identify and solve a problem’s fundamental cause using problem-solving abilities. In addition to the aforementioned technical abilities, an Ethical Hacker should be a strategic thinker and a creative problem solver. Further, to ensure a thorough investigation of security breaches, you may need to learn new methods. Hence, this requires a lot of testing and creative ability to develop new solutions.


Now you know detailed information about the skills and Ethical Hacker needs. Additionally, this information can help you secure a job as an Ethical Hacker. Currently, demand for Ethical Hackers is skyrocketing, making it the best time to join a reliable, ethical hacking certification training and have a promising profession. Check out the GLOBAL TECH COUNCIL for more information. 

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