How is Netflix using AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science?

The people’s favorite online streaming service Netflix is thriving in success with a total of 200 global subscribers. But, have you ever wondered what could be the reason for such tremendous success? Well, as per experts, the biggest reason is that Netflix uses ML, data science, and AI tools to provide maximum satisfaction to users. In fact, people wanting to work in the tech area for Netflix and other similar platforms should have AI certification along with robust training. Thus, you can help the streaming service to stay ahead of the competition. 

Moreover, there are many universities that offer AI, data science, and machine learning certificate online through their designed programs. So, let us move ahead and explore some more detail on these technologies and how Netflix uses them. 

What Is the Meaning of Machine Learning, data science, and AI? 

AI is a technological advancement with multiple sub-branches that specialize in specific purposes. In general, AI depends on algorithmic data history to train itself to work efficiently and understand the needs of users. It uses tools like NLP to offer human-like interaction to users. 

Machine learning is a sub-branch of Artificial Intelligence. Basically, machine learning refers to the understanding of computer algorithms that enhances their workings automatically when fed with data and experience. In fact, these technologies don’t even need human intervention to execute most of their tasks. Having an artificial intelligence certification can help you to understand the underlying technology in a better way. However, if you want to learn about machine learning specifically, then opt for the exclusive ML courses and claim your machine learning certificate online.  

Next, data science is a process of extracting valuable data from the available pool of information. Data science uses users’ inputs to separate needed insights from clusters of unnecessary data. Hence, data science experts are able to provide the organization-specific information helping the company to make better business-based decisions. You can learn the depth of data science space by taking part in a robust data science certification program. 

What are the use cases of ML/AI/Data Science in Netflix?

Personalized Movie Recommendations

Not every user wants to watch what others prefer, and this is where Netflix outperforms other streaming services. It offers users personalized movie recommendations. To attain this, Netflix makes use of ML/AI/Data to study the watch history of a particular user and matches it with the movie preferences of others with similar movie tastes. Hence, Netflix provides the best selection of shows and movies that you might find interesting to watch. Thus, giving you engaging content. 

Auto-Generate Personalized Thumbnails and Artwork

Netflix examines hundreds of video frames from the existing movie and finds the most appealing image for its thumbnail. Basically, it aims to display such thumbnails on its movie recommendations that can get you to check out the show. Thus, by doing so, Netflix increases the likelihood of people clicking on the movie options more often. 

Here, the calculations of what you may find clickable depend on other users’ clicking rates with similar interests. 

You might have noticed a constant change in thumbnails of the same show or movie. That’s Netflix trying to experiment with users to determine which image works best for a particular audience. We can clearly see how Netflix uses ML to figure out which thumbnail has the highest chance to get clicks by a specific viewers group.

Furthermore, we advise you to take up AI and data science certification to learn profound technical aspects of the platform. For example, auto-generation of personalized thumbnails, movie lists etc.

Scouts Location for Movies’  Pre-production

Every movie or show needs a suitable shooting location. Here, Netflix uses ML to discover the best shooting locations for specific movies or shows. Furthermore, with the help of ML and data science Netflix tech team checks the schedules and cost of cast and crew members. Also, they can determine other vital shooting requirements. For example, chances of receiving a shooting permit, the weather of the location, and other related factors. 

Provides high Streaming Quality

With the help of previous viewing data, Netflix can determine the usage of bandwidth to decide when it can cache location-based servers. Hence, it allows the fastest loading times and reduces the occurrences of frequent buffering. In fact, most people don’t want to stay subscribed to streaming services that do not provide them with uninterrupted streaming. Moreover, it can ruin the user experience and make them never try out the service again. Netflix tech team is well aware of the issue. Hence they actively implement AI/ML tools to overcome any issues like this. 

With the help of machine learning, tech experts are able to timely monitor subscribers’ activities and platform usage. Further, the system predicts the users’ viewing patterns to determine the peak hours of platform usage. Also, they can find out when the viewership numbers are low. Next, they use the obtained data to cache local servers nearby the viewers. Hence, it ensures the viewers do not face any buffering issue or might reduce its frequency. However, you can learn what goes behind all these through attending a verified AI certification program. Also, ensure to take up data science certification as well if you want to become part of the tech team on platforms like Netflix. 


Netflix is one of the most loved platforms among the global streamers. Hence, it becomes the obligation of the platform to consistently satisfy its customer base. With the help of AI/ML/Data, Netflix is already thriving in the industry. In fact, there might be more to come. However, if you want to become an expert in AI or ML or become a data scientist, then ensure to take up the suitable certifications and training. 

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