Becoming an IoT Expert: Salary and Skills Required

Though it may seem like IoT has found its way into our technical vocabulary only now, the concept of IoT and its related technologies have been around for over two decades now. The mix of new ideas and applications, along with traditional and established technologies, is reflected by the profiles of people who build and enhance their careers around the Internet of Things. In this article, we will discuss the skills and salary an IoT Expert needs to excel in his career.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things is a system of interrelated computing devices which are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and can transfer data over networks without the need for human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. IoT is a concept where devices such as washing machines, cell phones, coffee makers, lamps, headphones, etc. are connected to the internet via an on and off switch. In short, IoT refers to a giant network of connected things.

Skills of an IoT Expert

So, what skills should an IoT expert have to succeed in his career and reach great heights?

1. Machine Learning and AI

As IoT is becoming increasingly complex and ubiquitous, it is important to understand the concepts of machine learning and AI. Machine learning refers to the ability of machines to learn by themselves without being explicitly programmed. Artificial intelligence refers to using computers to understand human intelligence, and it denotes the science and engineering of creating intelligent machines such as intelligent computer programs. It is important for an IoT Expert to decipher patterns and be able to predict outcomes while gathering and managing large amounts of data. IoT experts will need to know all about artificial intelligence as they would need to use to make autonomous decisions and handle more tasks.

2. Automation

According to a survey conducted by McKinsey, 40% of IoT’s value is in its operability. Considering the large amounts of data and interfaces, developers who are aware of connecting automatic API testing to manual testing will be the ones who can get their products to market.

3. IP Networking

In IoT, embedded sensors are used to interact with their environments. Thee information they collected is then sent for analysis. The network through which information flows must be flawless and able to handle enormous traffic. It must also be secure and reliable. IoT experts must be familiar with the latest standards in IoT communication, the basics of OSI stack, and the way connectivity protocols work.

4. Information Security

Security cannot be an afterthought for IoT devices, given the fact that IoT is already suffering from many online attacks. The main desire of IoT experts will be to keep information safe. In order to fulfill this, they must be familiar with ethical hacking, vulnerability assessment, public key infrastructure security, and wireless network security.

5. Teamwork

Designing and building an IoT system needs a lot of team effort. A basic IoT team will include an industrial engineer, mechanical engineer, industrial designer, back-end developer, front-end developer, and product manager. Each and every one of them is crucial for the entire system to be able to function properly. Hence, an IoT expert must be one who can function effectively within a team.

Having understood some of the notable skills that any IoT expert must have, let us now move on to understand the salary trends of an IoT expert.

Salary of an IoT Expert

Certain specialized tech skills are in high demand, and as a result, many individuals in these fields are drawing top dollar salaries. These refer to jobs related to IoT Expert and development domains. The lowest rang salary offered to an IoT solutions architect is $140,000, and the highest range offered is $210,000. For an IoT Expert or IoT software engineer, the lowest range salary offered is $100,000, and the highest range salary offered is $175,000. 

As IoT is taking mundane activities out of our work lives and offers new and unique opportunities to expand and evolve our skill sets, businesses across all industry verticals will be in need of IoT experts at all levels of management, and because of the high demand that is prevalent, candidates will be able to gain handsome salary packages in the IoT domain.


In the 21st century, the Internet of Things is a booming sector Estimates suggest that by 2020, 24 Billion IoT devices would have been installed. This means that the need for IoT professionals will only increase. If you want to become an IoT expert and wish to know more about IoT certifications, check out Global Tech Council.

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