Top Courses to Earn the Highest Salary in 2020

The job landscape has changed rapidly in the last decade because of the internet, social media, and technology. All jobs have become technology-centric over time. But with technology’s dynamic nature, there’s always something new to learn about every day. Here is a list of top fields and courses with the highest salary brackets. Whether you decide to pursue a degree or certification in them is entirely your choice.


Machine Learning Expert


A degree or certification in Machine Learning (ML) will really help to elevate your career. You will be using data on training models to enhance bots and virtual assistants or any other type of digital tool. If you are looking for a full-time course, then Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon University, New York University, and Berkely are some great options.

If you are looking for a short-term certification, then Global Tech Council offers a Certified Machine Learning Expert course.

Once you have the required experience, you can get a job as a machine learning engineer, business analyst, or product analyst.


Who can enroll?

Engineers and IT professionals make a more significant chunk of those signing up for machine learning. A lot of data professionals also sign up to enhance their skills.

Who is eligible?

Those who have a background in mathematics or statistics should consider moving into this field.

How much does it pay?

hose who are ML certified earn roughly $111,448 per year. The figures can increase or decrease depending on-field experience.



Data Science Expert


The same rate at which we exhale CO2, we have started accumulating data too. Naturally, there is a demand for data experts in every field, whether it’s healthcare or Information Technology or Fintech, etc. Studying data science will equip you with knowledge in the big data sphere, analytics, using Python, etc. Stanford University leads in professional degrees for data science along with the University of Chicago and Georgetown University.

If you are looking for a short-term certification, then Global Tech Council offers a Certified Data Science Expert course.

Data Science certification includes job prospects of a product analyst, data analyst, data scientist, etc.


Who can enroll?

Engineers and Managers usually get great help with a degree in data science. IT professionals also learn to amp up their skills.

Who is eligible?

A bachelor’s degree from a technical field will be advantageous. A lot of colleges accept students from social sciences backgrounds with excellent academic records too.

How much does it pay?

The average base pay of a data scientist is $113,309. This value entirely depends on personal achievements and experience.



Blockchain Expert


Blockchain technology has disrupted the entire job market. A degree can introduce you to the technology as well as the use-cases associated with it. A blockchain engineer garners one of the highest salaries in the USA because they’re capable of providing discrete business solutions. Studying blockchain technology will give you a good working knowledge of Hyperledger, Ethereum, Fabric Composer, etc.

Top colleges like Princeton University, Duke University, etc. offer degrees in this technology.

However, if you’re into short term-certifications, Blockchain Council is an excellent place to start. They have Certified Blockchain ExpertCertified Blockchain Architect, and Certified Blockchain Developer courses. You can sign up, depending on what your needs are.


Who can enroll?

A lot of engineers, analysts, technical leaders, etc. are harnessing the power behind blockchain technology by getting certified.

Who is eligible?

A bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Sciences, or Engineering will be required for the required knowledge base.

How much does it pay?

According to Hired, the average base pay of a blockchain expert/engineer ranges anywhere between $1,50,00- $1,75,000.



Big Data Expert


Big Data helps organizations in analyzing their data to identify better business opportunities. And in a world of cut-throat competition, big data experts are a significant asset to companies in all industries. Big data aids in reducing the costs of the organization, faster and smarter strategic decisions, and better products and services to suit the customer needs. From life sciences and banking to healthcare and retail, every industry is exploiting data trends.

Carnegie Mellon University offers Masters of Computational Data Science, and Northwestern University offers a Master of Science and Analytics. These are just some of the prospects. Sign up for it after doing your research because a few of them are also flexible with part-time and online options.

Global Tech Council has an excellent 5-hour self-paced course on Certified Big Data Expert.

Who can enroll?

A lot of IT professionals and engineers diversify into the big data field. Fresh graduate students also can opt for it.

Who is eligible?

A bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, or Science with a working knowledge of Java is essential.

How much does it pay?

Salaries for Big Data Analyst and Experts range $1,02,864 per year depending on project experience.


Artificial Intelligence(AI) Expert


According to Accenture’s report on How AI is boosting industry profits and association, AI is predicted to increase economic growth by an average of 1.7 percent across 16 industries by 2035. AI helps organizations in providing customized solutions to consumers. Thus the demand for AI professionals is continuously growing.
Some of the best universities in the USA offering degrees in AI include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford University, Georgia Institute of Technology, etc.

Self-paced certifications are available on Global Tech Council. Certified Artificial Intelligence Expert and Certified Artificial Intelligence Developer are the two variants that you can enroll in.

Who can enroll?

IT professionals, engineering professionals, entrepreneurs, students, etc. gain an in-depth working knowledge of artificial intelligence for better opportunities.

Who is eligible?

With a background in engineering, mathematics, computer science, or computer engineering, anybody can sign up.

How much does it pay?

Degrees and certifications in AI enhance the earning potential of an individual. The base salary of an AI expert is roughly $1,35,000 per year.


Futuristic degrees and certifications can give you better career opportunities along with higher pay. Moreover, it opens the doors for a more stable profession. Since the future is automated, the most lucrative jobs will be in the hands of those who have technical knowledge. So call us on +1-(323) 984-8594 or email us on [email protected] for any guidance you might need in pursuing an online certification from Global Tech Council.