Top 5 Ubercool IoT projects in [2020]

Internet of Things (IoT) is not a new concept anymore. It is around us, and if we carefully look around, there are multiple IoT devices. Look at your fancy Apple watch – it’s a component of IoT. IoT developers and students are applying this technology in many possible ways to build new projects. Let’s have a look at some uber-cool IoT project ideas in 2020.


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IoT comprises billions of devices around the globe that have the capability to connect to the internet. These devices not only link to the internet but can share and collect data. Thanks to the development of cheap chips and fast internet, anything can be turned into an IoT device – from a pin to a submarine.


By making such devices smart, IoT experts use the data from them to draw meaningful conclusions, improve processes, create an action plan, and the like. In short, it creates a network of smart devices that can communicate with each other across the globe.


Cool IoT Projects

From your smart TV to your car, everything is now connected to the internet. Let’s have a look at some ideas like these:



  • Traffic Management System


Traffic jams are frequent in big cities across the world. As cities are becoming smarter, their traffic management systems are still old fashioned. An intelligent traffic management system that takes data from multiple sources can control the traffic to minimize traffic jams.


Data from CCTVs, WiFis, sensors, mobile phones, and traffic signals can be collected to monitor the traffic situation in the city. This data, when fed into a microcontroller and it will automatically manage traffic in the city, especially at crowded intersections.



  • Smart Rooms 


The hospitality industry is always trying new things to offer better services to their customers. Some big names in the industry are considering replacing traditional card keys with smartphones. This will give the guests complete control over their rooms. Also, the lights and other electrical appliances will be connected to the internet; the guest can personalize everything as per his liking.


  • Smart Wheelchairs


Want to help those who don’t have the freedom like you? Technology, when used correctly, can do wonders, and this smart wheelchair is the perfect example of the same.


Smart wheelchairs are equipped with sensors that track the movement of the chair and monitor the health of the patient. The sensors monitor all the health parameters of the patient like the pulse rate, blood oxygen levels, etc. and triggers an alarm in case of an emergency.



  • Automatic Garage Doors


A smart home consists of smart rooms, speakers, ACs, TVs, fans, and the like. But, the most ignored part of a smart home is its garage. An intelligent garage which can be controlled with the help of your smartphone is all you need. You can open the door from your car when you arrive, and the door closes automatically when it senses that the vehicle has left the garage.


Another essential feature is that it protects your home from thieves. It provides the homeowner with a monitoring system that tracks every activity inside the garage, making the home much safer.


  • IoT Weather Reporting System


A smart weather system with sensors capturing the temperature, humidity, and rainfall data. The system will make a detailed report of everything and will share the data with the help of a WiFi. The system will also create alerts in case any abnormal activity is recorded.



  • Fully automated – does not need human intervention
  • Can reach places where humans cannot – for e.g., volcanos
  • Can predict the weather based on historical data



IoT is the collection of billions of devices connected over the internet. This was just the tip of the iceberg, and there are plenty of similar examples which you can find on the internet. Use your creativity, enhance your skills by opting for IoT Certifications from reputed sources, and become an IoT expert to build projects that benefit humanity.


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