5 Career Options for Machine Learning

Machine learning is becoming a mainstream subject and is also becoming a popular and essential subject in technology. Many fields are starting to use machine learning to gear up their technological efficiency. At present, machine learning is being used on a vast scale. Many students are taking machine learning to get placed in a better job field. Online certification also gives it a boost as machine learning online certification courses are readily available. This growing popularity and readily available online certificate make this subject a common one.

As many students join the machine learning course, which job can be the best fit becomes confusing. Here we discuss 5 career options for machine learning students to get the best career with this new age important subject.

Top 5 Career Options for Machine Learning:

1.Data Scientist: 

This is one of the most popular and in-demand career options in machine learning. For this post, programming skill is further an essential requirement. But its not only requires programming skills, but critical thinking, proficiency in programming, and problem-solving skill are also significant. Apart from this, statistical knowledge, mathematical knowledge, and SQL knowledge are essential to becoming a good data scientist. R and Python are the two most used machine learning programming languages. So, one should master this to be a good data scientist. The role of a data scientist is to analyze data, discover value, inspect the data model, and clean its databases. All this helps in decision-making. Extracts valuable and vital data insights from massive data sets is also an essential work of data scientists. The average salary of a data scientist is $121000 per year, and this job has many vacancies as well.

2.Computational Linguistic: 

Machine learning can be effectively used in voice recognition software. This helps people navigate the mobile system for various services, like, banking systems, utility companies, and even doctor chambers or any other offices. Computational linguistics, with the help of machine learning, helps the computer to understand different languages, learn foreign languages, speak different languages as per the user requirement and even translate one language from other languages, and improve continuously in that field. Because of easy use, time-saving and efficient working, speech-to-text software is getting extremely popular. This software cuts the writing time real quick. This text-to-speech software uses the machine learning algorithm. The average salary is $91000 per year for a computational linguistic job role. This job requires a strong understanding of spelling, grammar, the syntax of the language, and good machine learning skills.

3. Human-centered machine learning designer: 

This is a new-age technology-based job role. Furthermore, human-centered machine learning designers are the designers who design and develop human-like machine systems which enable machines to recognize and process like humans. Similarly, many organizations are already using this human-centered machine learning approach, like, Amazon recommendations, Netflix recommendation page, and many social media platforms. The salary of this job post is $69000 to $125000 per year, depending on the experience. The required skills for this job are good UX design skills, good machine learning knowledge, communication skill, understanding of data, and sound system design knowledge.

4.Machine learning engineer: 

Machine learning engineer is also a fantastic in-demand career option for machine learning students. The job role of a machine learning engineer is to use different programming languages. This further involves languages like Python, Java, R, Scala, etc., to run various experiments with sound libraries. The financial service sector, retail service, government sector, healthcare sector, transportation service, and other industries which need to work with a large amount of data need machine learning engineers to work with the enormous data to gain real-time insights which can help these industries to work more efficiently. Machine learning engineer jobs are in full bloom, many vacancies are present in this field, and the salary range for this job is $69000 to $150000.

5.Software developer in machine learning or AI: 

This is also a great career option. The primary required skill of this job is good knowledge in a data structure, computer architecture, distributed processing, and proficient programming skills. Furthermore, the main work of software developers is to create different software based on machine learning algorithms and develop AI to enable the software.

All these jobs are in demand, popular, high paying, and relevant for the future. 


There are several Machine learning courses available online and offline. The online ML course provides users with an online certificate that is as relevant as an offline course. As this technology has various uses and is being used in different fields, machine learning certification can land one in a good job field. The reason for its unrealistic growth is because it enables machines to think and act on their own.

It further allows them to learn independently, think logically, and enable devices to make decisions depending on the situation, data, and provided information. AI, robotics, software development, language translation, and many new technologies use machine learning algorithms. And as machine learning increases efficiency and is also easy to use, there is no doubt that the demand for this technology will only increase shortly. So it is better to acquire the required skills to be a skilled machine learning expert in a future-ready job.