Future Of Machine Learning and AI Expert In USA

Machine Learning(ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI) in 2020 is proving to be the most significant technological advancement of this decade. In fact, the machine learning market is expected to grow from USD 1.41 billion in 2017 to USD 8.81 billion by 2022, according to Research and Markets. Moreover, Gartner predicts that before 2020 ends, AI would have created 2.3 million jobs.

ML & AI Revolution in the USA

The US has been at the forefront of the AI revolution and plans to maintain its place in the technology ecosystem. On February 11, 2019, President Trump signed an Executive Order 13859 that officially announced the American AI Initiative- a national strategy on artificial intelligence. This new initiative will have an impact globally in collaboration and engagement with the private sector, academia, the public, and like-minded international partners. This order focuses on five critical points of development.


  • To promote research, development, and investment in a sustainable manner.
  • Direct federal resources for AI
  • Work towards eliminating obstacles in AI innovations
  • Empower American citizens with AI-focused education and training
  • Promote an AI positive international environment



Moving onto the revenue aspect, the average salary of a machine learning expert is between $125,000-$175,000, respectively. In the USA alone, machine learning jobs grew 344% from 2015-2019. In fact, a study in Ireland revealed that the top 5 posts out of 25 require technical AI skills and expertise. Hence Artificial Intelligence is disrupting the jobs sector in not only the USA but all around the world. 

Opportunities with ML and AI Qualifications

Once you have the relevant qualifications in machine learning or artificial intelligence, it’ll open a vast area of opportunities in the USA. It is not limited by job profiles, because with these achievements on your resume, you can even apply for a data scientist, big data engineer or business intelligence developer, etc. Here are the top five job roles that are dominating the US job market.


  • Machine Learning Engineer

The job of a machine learning engineer is a very coveted one. They’re very much in demand and highly sought after because they’re at the center of any AI project. Those who hail from applied research and data science background are more suited to this role. Moreover, a thorough knowledge of multiple programming languages, predictive models, natural language processing, agile development practices, software development IDE tools like Eclipse & IntelliJ, etc.

With a degree in mathematics or computer science, you can sign up for a certification training from Global Tech Council for Machine Learning Expert or Artificial Intelligence Expert. It will help you to gain an in-depth knowledge of modern programming languages like Java, Python, Scala, etc.

Even technology professionals with sound knowledge of machine learning, deep learning, big data, data science, etc. can sign up for certifications and training to get verified and hired for better career prospects.


  • Data Scientist

Data scientists are responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting large, complex datasets with the help of machine learning and predictive analysis. Their role is primarily based on collecting and cleaning data for review. To those whom it interests, they should also have sufficient knowledge of big data platforms and tools like Hive, Hadoop, Pig, Spark, and MapReduce.

A profound grasp and experience in statistical computing languages that are, Peri, Python, Scala, SQL are highly beneficial for this profile. Along with that, a formal educational degree in mathematics, electrical engineering, computer science, or a relevant background can prove to be highly beneficial.

Excellent analytical and communication skills are like a trump card for a data scientist who can efficiently express the findings of a piece of unstructured data.


  • Business Intelligence Developer

A business intelligence(BI) developer analyzes complex data sets in order to identify business opportunities and market trends. BI developers play a vital role in improving the profitability of an organization. There is a continually rising demand for BI developers in the USA.

Possessing strong technical and analytical skills, BI developers are responsible for designing, modeling, and maintaining complex data on a cloud-based platform. However, they should be able to communicate well with technical and non-technical colleagues. A combination of a bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, or any other relative field along with on-the-job experience is highly desired from a BI Developer.

Along with that, BI developers should also have experience in data warehouse design, data mining, SQL Queries, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, and Business Intelligence technologies.


  • Research Scientist

For the successful growth and innovation of new technology, research is core. Research scientists are experts in multiple AI disciplines, like mathematics, machine learning, deep learning, computational statistics, etc.

They hold extensive knowledge about computer perception, graphical models, reinforcement learning, natural learning processing, and, thus, are very valuable to an organization. Research scientists should have an in-depth understanding of benchmarking, parallel computing, distributed computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Besides that, a master’s or doctoral degree in computer science or any other related technical field, supported by experience, improves chances of hiring.


  • Big Data Engineer/Architect

The burden of planning, designing, and developing falls on the shoulders of a big data engineer or architect. They undertake work on big data environment through Hadoop and Spark systems. In fact, because of the risks involved, they have some of the highest paying jobs in artificial intelligence.

They usually have a Ph.D. in mathematics, computer science, or a related field that helps them to develop business systems that communicate with each other to collate data. Moreover, they have significant C++, Java, Python, Scala, data mining, data visualization, data migration knowledge.


Cities with Maximum Opportunities

It’s no surprise that San Jose, the heart of silicon valley, leads with the maximum job opportunities followed by San Francisco. Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, SanDiego, Charlotte, Raleigh, Austin, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Atlanta are among other cities with machine learning and artificial intelligence openings and possibilities.



So if you are thinking of making a change in your career or planning to transition to these fields, then acquiring certification and training from Global Tech Council is the best option for you. You can sign up for a course on artificial intelligenceormachine learning to take your career to the next level!