Top 10 Machine Learning Certifications to Boost Career in 2021

Certifications in Machine Learning That Work

Let’s take a look at several top-rated Machine Learning Certification courses that will help you advance your profession.

TensorFlow Machine Learning Specialization on Google Cloud Platform

The specialization consists of five machine learning courses that will take you from an introduction to the relevance of Machine Learning Certification through lectures on developing ML models. The course starts with an overview of machine learning and why it’s so popular, then moves on to lessons on Tensorflow, an open-source machine learning framework. There are also several hands-on possibilities to improve the accuracy of machine learning using the Google Cloud Platform’s various features.

  • Coursera registration is every two months.
  • Fee: [Financial Assistance Is Available]
  • Duration of the course: 5 months
  • Online mode of instruction
  • It is necessary to have a background in computer science or engineering.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Professional Certificate

Professionals and undergraduates who want to shape their careers should take this machine learning course. The course provides organizations and individuals with the education and training they need to prosper in an AI-powered future.

Participants learn about the latest developments in cutting-edge technology, research, and other best practices for constructing advanced AI systems from MIT academic specialists. The curriculum provides a solid foundation of knowledge in enhancing cognitive technologies.

  • The cost of each course ranges from $2500-$5500. Time frame: varies
  • Online mode of instruction
  • Prerequisite: Bachelor’s degree in computer science, statistics, physics, or electrical engineering is required.

Python and Machine Learning

This machine learning course uses Python, a well-known programming language, to teach machine learning principles. The course covers two major topics: To begin, learn about the goal of Machine Learning and how it relates to the actual world in machine learning training.

Second, it covers subjects like supervised vs. unsupervised learning, model evaluation, and Machine Learning techniques in general.

  • Registration is open all year.
  • The course is free of charge. 8-week duration
  • Online mode of instruction
  • Python is required.

Stanford Online Machine Learning

The machine learning course introduces statistical pattern recognition and machine learning in general. Learning theory, reinforcement learning, and control are all discussed, and supervised and unsupervised learning. Explores current uses of machine learning and design, as well as developing machine-learning algorithms.

  • Registration is open from August through September.
  • The fee is $5040.
  • Three-month course duration
  • Online mode of instruction
  • It is necessary to have a background in computer science or engineering.

Udacity’s Machine Learning

The first module delves into Supervised Learning, a machine learning activity that teaches your email to filter spam, your phone to recognize your voice, and computers to learn various other fascinating things.

Unsupervised Learning is covered in the second module. Finally, it responds to whether we can program machines to learn the same way that people do. This section on Reinforcement Learning tells you how to create self-learning agents like us!

  • Registration is open all year on Udacity.
  • The course is free of charge. 
  • Four-month duration
  • Online mode of instruction

Professional Certificate in Data Science Foundations

The course gives students a fresh perspective on challenges and difficulties. It teaches us how to use data in conjunction with Python programming abilities to investigate challenges in any subject of study or future employment. Finally, using machine learning, all of the knowledge is combined and used to teach prediction in machine learning for beginners. The program aims to make data science more accessible to the general public through machine learning training.

  • On edX, registration takes 2-4 months.
  • $267 fee
  • Duration of the course: 4 months (self-paced)
  • Online mode of instruction
  • Prerequisites: This course is for persons with no prior computer or statistical knowledge, as well as no prior programming experience.

Professional Achievement in Data Sciences Certification

This course covers topics such as machine learning for data science, algorithms for data science, probability, and statistics, and exploratory data analysis, to name a few. Candidates with a prior understanding of statistics, linear algebra, probability, and calculus are recommended for this course and not machine learning for beginners. 

  • Registration: Deadline Fall begins on February 15th.
  • The cost of the course is $24,216, and the duration is 12 months.
  • Online and on-campus instruction is available.


  • A bachelor’s degree
  • before quantitative training (calculus, linear algebra, etc.)
  • Before this, you must have completed an introductory computer programming course.

Machine Learning Certificate

This three-course certificate program looks at machine learning from every angle for machine learning for beginners. This course teaches probability and statistical approaches, which are at the heart of machine learning algorithms. It also demonstrates how to put these ideas into reality, using open-source tools and developing judgment and intuition to meet real-world company goals and obstacles.

  • Registration is open all year.
  • Fee: 4,548 dollars
  • The length of the course varies.
  • Online mode of instruction

Certificate in Machine Learning from eCornell

The Machine Learning certificate program at Cornell teaches students how to implement machine learning algorithms using Python. Students learn to frame machine learning challenges and develop a mental model to grasp data scientists’ approach to these problems programmatically using a combination of math and intuition.

  • Registration is open all year.
  • $3,600 or $565 per month
  • Duration of the course: 3.5 months
  • Online mode of instruction
  • Python is required.

Machine Learning at Harvard University

By creating a movie recommendation system, this course introduces principal component analysis, standard machine learning techniques, and regularisation.

The course covers training data and how to utilize it to find potentially predictive associations in a batch of data. Overtraining is also covered in the system, as well as strategies to avoid it, such as cross-validation.

  • Registration is open all year on edX.
  • The course is free of charge. 8-week duration
  • Online mode of instruction
  • Python is required

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