What resources can Non-Python programmers use to get started in Python?

Today is the age of python programming skills. Individuals with python expertise  have a promising professional path. But what about beginners and non Python programmers? Surprisingly there is nothing to worry about because today the internet provides us with robust Python crash course resources. Even if you know nothing about Python programming, with proper training and continuous practice, you will master it in no time. 

With a verified Python programming certification, you will be able to crack jobs in reputable companies in the global spectrum. A few of the well-established companies that hire python programmers include Amazon, Google, Tesla, and others. 

So in this article, we will explore the best resources where you can get started with your Python programming learnings. Some of them are paid, and some are free of cost. But we advise you to choose the one that satisfies your skill learning requirements. So let us look into them: 

The book comprises the basics of python. Here, you will learn how to install and set up Python programming language to write high-end programs using functions and classes.

  • The Second Edition: Automate The Boring Stuff With Python

It is the second edition of the book that focuses on projects based on the automation of repetitive tasks on the computer. Hence you will be directly applying your knowledge. 

  • The Second Edition: The Python Crash Course

The second edition of PCC contains perfectly elaborated concepts of Python programming. The first part of the book focuses on delivering Python basics. For example, writing functions and classes from scratch. On the other hand, the second part comprises projects that revolve around game creation, data visualization, and web application development. 

  • Think Python 2e

It is one of the great Python crash course books that teaches the fundamentals of computer science. 

  • Learn Python 3 the Hard Way 

It is another suitable approach that non Python programmers can take to get into Python programming. While reading this book you will notice that it uses quite a different way to teach learners. Here you will build your Python programming skills through repetition. 

Move ahead to intermediate/ experienced level books

Once you finish with your beginner level Python crash course booklets, move to advanced-level books to upgrade your skills. Here, you will learn advanced concepts for writing pythonic codings along with applications and projects. 

Learning Python (5th Edition): 

The book has around 1600 pages and explains details about specific topics from start to finish. Hence, this book can clear all your doubts regarding any chapter of python. 

Effective Python

It is a collection of a total of 90 tactics to improve writing with Python. With this book, you will get direct instructions from veterans in the field. Hence there is no doubt that this book is valuable for your knowledge growth. This book will help you to smoothly complete your Python programming certification.  

Python Cookbook:

This book contains information about Python applications. Basically, the level of information is suitable for experienced programmers who are willing to test recently developed tools. Here, you will find ready to run code blocks with long and comprehensive explanations. 

Fluent Python:

We are 100% sure that you will develop a firm understanding of the Python programming language with this book. Furthermore, learners get both the abstract and deep knowledge of the subject. Moreover, the book answers all the possible queries that a learner might have while reading it. 

Tryout online courses

Online courses are the alternatives to books. So it depends on your preference if you are comfortable to learn Python programming with a book or go for online courses. However, note that online courses provide time flexibility and usually contain the latest advancement-based coursework. Hence, for staying up to date with projects and tools in the Python programming area online courses are a better option. 

Here are some of the best Python certification courses that you can consider:  

Python For Everybody

This particular online Python certification program comes among the most famous introductory Python courses. You can find this course on Coursera and also on YouTube. Here, your tutor will be well-known industry expert Charles Severance. Plus, you can also find a free eBook by him. 

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python

The free online course provides an introduction to computer science known to be perfect for non Python programmers. Here you will learn techniques of problem solving and computation with Python. 

Google’s Python

Here, you can get a Python crash course that teaches students in a faster and more enjoyable manner. From basics to advanced concepts, you get well-prepared exercises, lecture videos, and interactive code. You can consider it as one of the best Python certification programs available on the web. 


This particular online course offers highly maintained Python courseworks completely free of cost. In fact, FreeCodeCamp is one of the popular platforms that offer well explained YouTube tutorials on python. Hence, making it a Python programming certification program for people who want a budget-friendly online course. 

Practical Python Programming 

It is a free-of-cost Python course on GitHub. Here, students learn practical applications of the Python programming language. For example, testing, working with data, and debugging. Aside from this, you also get to learn class methods, static, and function decorators. It is one of the most approachable and reliable providers of  the python crash course. 


Above we mentioned all the appropriate resources for non Python programmers or beginners who want to get into Python space. Remember there is no age limit or any other factor that restricts anyone to learn python. In fact If you are curious  to know the building process of apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, then learning programming will help you understand it all. Furthermore, the majority of applications and tools that we use today are written with Python. Hence, the value of Python programming certification increases both among job seekers and employers. 

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