5 Hidden Tricks Every Alexa User Needs To Know

Once Amazon was an online bookstore that many people didn’t believe in. But, in less than a decade, this online bookstore has become the largest online retail platform selling almost everything. There is practically nothing that you won’t find on Amazon except for fresh fruits.

When Amazon launched its Amazon Echo, the world responded. Everyone knew they have to buy this virtual assistant. The television ads made a great selling point with a strong voice and impeccable features. It can do everything for you from ordering food to playing music.

We have explored some hidden features of Amazon Echo and you are going to love it. Let’s dive in and discuss these features:

Voice History

All the time you spend talking to Alexa and all the deep-hearted talks are stored. Everything you say or ask to or from your Amazon Echo is stored in history. In the Alexa app, you can go to Alexa Privacy to view the voice history. The good news is, you can delete this history. Never leave a trace!

Less Spending

While your Amazon Echo may be used all over the house by multiple people, all of them can be stopped from making any purchase. You can stop others from purchasing products through Alexa from your account. Simply go to your Account and open Voice Purchasing. Select Require Confirmation Code to add a code to all the voice purchases. Simple! You can stop everyone from making an online purchase through your account.

Saying Alexa Is Not Necessary

You don’t really have to say, Alexa. While, of course, you need to say some word to wake the device, it doesn’t necessarily have to be Alexa. You can change the name from Device Settings. You can easily select a different wake word from the choices given.

Know Time to Commute

Just go the Settings and add your stops under the Traffic tab. Now, every morning just ask, “Alexa, what’s my traffic?”

Alexa will reveal how much traffic you would be encountering on your way to the office or anywhere else.


If you have more than one Amazon Echo in your house, you can sync them all to play the same music. Just go to the Settings and then Multi-Room Music. Make a group and put all your Alexa devices under one radar. This means you can play the same radio station in all rooms.

Doesn’t this pave way for a good prank?


Alexa is not just a speaker but is a smart device that can help you with daily tasks. From knowing traffic on your work route to setting a schedule and following it with the help of Alexa, you can do a lot of things. However, many hidden powers of this device are unexplored. Just check out above tricks and discover the true power of your personal assistant.