12 Benefits of Hiring a Certified Ethical Hacker

With the advancement of the internet, the number of cybercrimes is also progressing every year. Hence there is also an increase in the number of individuals opting for Ethical hacking certification training. When it comes to cyber security, online attackers succeed by taking advantage of loopholes in a system most of the time. However, certified Ethical hackers can stop them from damaging the system considerably. Employing an individual with robust Ethical hacking training is the best option to protect your system against any cyber threats. Here we will learn about Ethical hacking and its benefits. 

Learning about Ethical hacking

In cyber hacking, a suspicious or unauthorized entity usually tries to access a computer system, data, or application. Hence, with Ethical hacking, individuals can duplicate the techniques and strategies of cyber attackers. By doing so, you can identify the loopholes in your security system. Further, the Ethical hacker can resolve the issue before any cyber attacker attempts to exploit it. 

Ethical hackers are also called “white hats” in the cybersecurity space; they are the professionals that carry out cyber security assessments for organizations. Furthermore, they assist in improving the security framework of an organization. The main intent of Ethical hacking is entirely opposite to malicious hacking.

Learning about certified Ethical hackers in detail

Individuals with Ethical hacking certification are known as certified Ethical hackers. They work for Non-governmental organizations. Further, the certification exists in two levels:

  • The first one is a basic CEH certification that individuals receive after clearing a knowledge test.
  • Secondly, CEH master level needs individuals to succeed in testing that takes over the stimulated system.

Furthermore, there are three prominent groups that issue CEH licenses:

  • The certified penetration testing course by the Information Assurance certification review board.
  • The international Council of e-commerce Consultants.
  • The Global Information Assurance Certification. 

You can prepare for your CEH test by accessing multiple online sources. You can also opt for Ethical hacking online certification.

Important skills of Ethical hackers

  • One of the primary skills that Ethical hackers must have is computer networking abilities to understand the interconnection of multiple gadgets. Furthermore, knowing networks like Subnetting, DHCP, Supernetting, and more will provide Ethical hackers to explore potential security threats.
  • Ethical hackers that are compatible with Linux are a better choice for organizations. This is because Linux has been known to be more secure than any other operating system. However, you must know that Linux is not entirely secure, but the chances of getting malware are considerably low compared to other systems. Also, with Linux, there is no requirement for antivirus software.
  • Having programming knowledge is the third most important skill for an Ethical hacker. It includes the ability to write codes that a computational device can understand and perform multiple instructions. For this, an Ethical hacker must have expertise in different programming languages, especially in python, C and C++. You can learn them by taking Ethical hacking certification training as the instructors will include these programming languages in their coursework.


12 Benefits of Recruiting a Certified Ethical Hacker 

Hiring a certified Ethical hacker can be very useful for your company’s cyber security framework; here, we bring you 12 benefits that Ethical hackers can provide:

  • They can find hidden loopholes and vulnerabilities within your computer application, data, or server, etc. Whether your software has tiny bits of inconsistency and gaps in its security protocols or policy, Ethical hackers can detect them easily. 
  • Furthermore, they can practice Dumpster diving. Also, they can scan public websites to find out data that can help at the time of cyberattacks.
  • They can efficiently discover all the open ports by performing port scanning on the system using the best port scanner tools. 
  • They help an organization figure out how cyber attackers can invade a computer systems’ firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and honeypots. 
  • Ethical hackers carry out penetration testing for the system regularly. The primary difference between Ethical hacking and pen testing is that pen-testing involves sharply focusing on certain cyber security aspects compared to Ethical hacking.
  • Further, they will help you in operating a cyber security emergency stimulation.
  • Effectively exposes hidden threats.
  • They actively participate in the organization’s activities and help it carry out exercises involving the red team and blue team activities. 
  • Timely perform network traffic analyses.
  • They can conduct a range of covert social engineering functions. Ethical hackers not only perform testing on cyber security policies and systems but in addition to this, they also test employees’ readiness, knowledge, and awareness.
  • Effectively carry out test patch installation and scrutinize proceedings to ensure your employees know how to make them work at their full potential. 
  • Run learning programs within the organization to train the security team about cybercriminals’ new techniques for attacking systems.


Individuals with Ethical hacking certification are going to add value to your staff. But if you don’t employ one, you can opt for freelancers to do the job for you. In fact, most Ethical hackers are working as freelancers as it gives them wider opportunities. In conclusion, the need for certified Ethical hackers in an organization is extremely valuable. For this, you need to invest in establishing cybersecurity infrastructure, train Your employees, and Secure the organization from unfortunate attacks. Check out GLOBAL TECH COUNCIL to learn more on tech subjects.

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