Top 10 Ethical Hacker Interview Questions

Want to crack an Ethical hacker or a white-hat hacker interview but don’t know where to start? This article talks about some of the most important Ethical Hacking interview questions to help you qualify for your interview.

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  • Top Ethical Hacking Interview Questions You Should be Prepared for
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Top Ethical Hacking Interview Questions You Should be Prepared for

Without any further delay, let’s explore interview questions for Ethical Hacking.

Define Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking, also known as penetration testing, is all about identifying potential threats to computer systems, servers, or networks. It is an authorized method where an individual is allowed to hack the systems with the owner’s permission to identify potential data breaches and threats existing in the system.

Name some different forms of ethical hacking?

Hacking can take many different forms, such as:

  • Computer Hacking
  • Password Hacking
  • Website Hacking
  • Network Hacking
  • Email Hacking

How to stop your website from getting hacked?

  • Keep software up to date. 
  • Look out for SQL injection attacks. 
  • Protect against Cross-site scripting (XSS).
  • Beware of error messages. It is advised to be careful with how much information you give away in error messages.
  • Validate on the browser side and the server-side as well.
  • Check passwords
  • Avoid allowing people to upload files as it can be a big website security risk.
  • Use HTTPS protocol as it helps in providing security over the Internet. 
  • Use website security tools such as Netsparker, OpenVAS, and others in order to protect your website from malicious activities.

Suggest some of the best Ethical hacking tools?

Some of the common tools used by Ethical hackers are:

  •  Netsparker
  • Acunetix
  • Aircrack-ng 
  • Nmap
  • Savvius 
  • Intruder 
  • Wireshark 
  • Maltego

What, according to you, is SQL injection?

SQL injection is one of the most popular and most common web hacking techniques that allow an attacker to view data that they cannot retrieve. In most simple words, it is a code injection technique that can ruin your database.

Enlist different types of Hackers. 

Black-Hat Hackers

An individual who attempts to gain unauthorized entry into a network to exploit them with malicious intents are Black-Hat hackers. They try to endanger security systems, modify or reconstruct the functions of websites and networks, and gain access to passwords and other crucial information.

White-Hat Hackers

Such hackers are also known as Ethical Hackers or Penetration Testers. Unlike black hat hackers, they are ethical hackers who follow ethical hacking practices, which are legal and beneficial to businesses. 

Gray-Hat Hackers 

These types of hackers are a hybrid between Black hat Hackers and White hat hackers. They may violate ethical standards or principles, but they operate for the common good. They have the potential to hack, but they never have hacking intentions.

Explain the term footprinting? Enlist different techniques of footprinting?

It is the process of collecting as much information as possible about the target before obtaining access.

  • Open Source Footprinting – It is a type of process to find administrator contact information.
  • Network Enumeration – In this technique, a hacker attempts to recognize domain names and network blocks of the target.
  • Scanning – Scanning involves prying on the active IP addresses of a network.
  • Stack Fingerprinting –This technique involves mapping the port and host.

Explain what Burp Suite is. Which tools does it use?

Burp Suite is an integrated platform utilized for penetration testing of web applications. This tool is one of the most popular penetration testing and vulnerability finder tools among professional web application security researchers.

Burp Suite uses the following tools: Proxy, Sequencer, Spider, Scanner, Intruder, Repeater, Decoder, and Comparer.

What is a sniffing attack?

Sniffer attacks refer to theft or interception of data by monitoring and capturing the network packets using sniffer tools.

Dsniff, MSN Sniffer, Steel Central Packet Analyzer, WinDump, Ettercap are some of the popular tools.

Explain DOS attack? Enlist common forms of DOC attack?

DoS, which stands for Denial of Service, is considered as a malicious attack on a network that is done by flooding the network with traffic that is of no use. Such an attack is meant to shut down a network, making it unavailable to its expected users.

Some common forms of DOC attacks are Buffer Overflow Attack, SYN Attack, Teardrop Attack, Smurf Attack, and Viruses.

Concluding Lines 

Hope these interview questions and answers will help you to land your dream job as an ethical hacker. 

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