Top 10 Datasets For Machine Learning Project Ideas in [2020]

There was a time when machine learning datasets were scarce. Now, with the advancement in this field, datasets are readily available across the internet, but still, machine learning experts find it difficult to get relevant datasets for project ideas. By this post, we wish to change that.




If you’re a machine learning expert, there’s one similarity between you and your machine – you both get better with practice. Your machine performs better with training, and you write better algorithms with practice. But does your machine get the desired training material?


The internet is filled with open data sets from colleges, universities, organizations, and other machine learning professionals. You’ll be able to find millions of datasets with the help of Google’s Dataset Search. But how to know which is the one you need from those millions of datasets?


To save you from the hassle, below are the top 10 machine learning datasets for project ideas in 2020.


Datasets For Machine Learning Project Ideas



  • Height-Weight Dataset


Came up with an ML project idea that studies the relationship between age, height, and weight of children? This dataset is perfect for you as it has details of the height and weight of 25,000 children. This data has been collected from the day of their birth until they turned 18.  It’s a simple dataset but proves to be useful to train the system regarding height and weight, build simple algorithms, and test the performance of the system.



  • Mall Customers Dataset


This is another simple dataset that contains data of people shopping in the mall. All the details like customer id, spending nature, gender, age, annual income, and the like are available. This dataset is apt for marketing projects that use ML to segment their customers and create a personalized marketing plan for them.



  • Parkinson’s Dataset


Parkinson’s is a nervous disorder that affects the movement of the patient. Symptoms include hand tremors and stiffness in body parts. This dataset contains all the necessary details of patients (195 records with 23 attributes). This dataset comes in handy to know whether the person is healthy or suffers from Parkinson’s disease. This dataset is useful for a project that identifies healthy people and those with Parkinson’s.



  • Iris Dataset



The iris dataset is another dataset for beginners. It is simple and contains information about the flower petal and sepal sizes. There are only 3 classes in this data; however, the number of rows is 150 as it has three instances in each class. Create an ML project that can identify and segregate items according to their class.



  • Flickr Dataset


Flickr is a platform to share images and videos. Users can upload pictures and share them with everyone to see. These pictures are full of data and captions. This Flickr dataset has details of captions of more than 30,000 images.  Create an ML-based photo captioning project where the system identifies the type of image and comes up with a relevant caption.



  • Uber Dataset


We all use Uber or other cab services and sometimes face difficulties during our rides. This dataset contains details of almost 4.5 million Uber rides from April 2014 to September 2014 in NYC. In addition to this, there are details of 14 million other rides from January 2015 to June 2015 of the same city. ML experts can use this data to analyze ride patterns. Create an ML project that uses data visualization to improve business operations. By this, it will be easier to analyze patterns quickly and improve accordingly.


  • Netflix Dataset



To improve its services and know the interest of the users, Netflix organized a competition where the users had to provide their views. This is the dataset from that competition. This dataset has the details of all the customers who took part in the competition; Netflix used it to improve their recommendation algorithm.  Create an ML project to test your skills and how you can use it to work on similar recommendation algorithms.



  • WikiQA Dataset


This data has multiple questions and answers. Machine learning beginners can build models for them to practice on.  Once you are familiar with the dataset, create a chatbot which answers the questions based on this dataset.



  • The Boston Housing Dataset



This dataset is popular for pattern recognition. It contains information about houses in Boston like tax, crime rate, number of rooms, etc. There are 506 rows and 14 different variables in columns.  Create a project which uses all this data to predict the property prices.



  •  Wine Dataset



This wine dataset contains data about the chemical composition of wine. The dataset is beneficial for the classification of wine and regression tasks.


Create a model that segregates wine based on its quality.


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